New Metroid Game Coming to Wii U

Nintendo’s developer and producer of the Wii version of Animal Crossing, Katsuya Eguchi, has said in an interview with Kotaku that he is sure a Metroid game will be released for Wii U. Eguchi is currently working on upcoming Wii U projects and has revealed details about how the unannounced Metroid title could work on the new console.

“I can’t give you any details now, but I’m sure there will be a new Metroid release making use of the new controller, not just to control Samus and her ship but also to give the player a new source of information. Maybe the player is looking at the screen but has the information that they need to defeat the enemy in their hands. You could look through the screen and scan your enemy and find where its weak-spot is.”

From what Eguchi is saying, a Metroid game sounds just right for the Wii U’s new controller combination. Personally I would like to see Nintendo take Metroid back to the Super Metroid (SNES) style platforming gaming, rather than something more like Metroid Prime (GC). However demonstrated by the examples of games coming to Wii U shown at this year’s E3, it would appear more likely for Nintendo to go with a more Metroid Prime styled game as it would match their ‘hardcore’ focus, to compete with mainstream titles such as Halo.

Are you looking forward to a brand new Samus Aran adventure? Will this be the title to convince you to register a pre-order for the new console? Let us know in the comments section down below!

48 Responses to “New Metroid Game Coming to Wii U”
  1. Wes says:

    Now this is more like it. THIS is the type of news I wanted to hear at E3 :0)


    • smitty says:

      A Prime style metroid game on a better console? Heck yeah! I hope they go with a bit more of the cinematic aspect like in Other M along with better interaction with other characters like Corruption


      • Patrick Tow says:

        I don’t know about the cinematic, Other M-style storytelling. Don’t get me wrong–the cinema scenes in that game looked fantastic. It’s just that one of the things I’ve always loved most about the Metroid series is the way it manages to tell the story effectively through the environment. They did this in the original 2D games but especially well in the Prime Series. Remember when you walked into that first big room on Frigate Orpheon, with dead and injured Space Pirates strewn about, debris and parasites everywhere, and a huge corpse of some kind of monster called a Parasite Queen burning on the ground? And then right before you walk into the Parasite Queen fight, how if you scan the dozens of Space Pirate corpses laid out in the hallway, it tells you they all died just moments before you entered the room, so whatever killed them is still there? Or in Prime 2 when you see the dead GFed troopers hanging from the ceiling and you’re wondering what happened to them? Or how about even in Prime 3 when you revisit Bryyo (if I remember right) and you find all the planet’s native tribesmen frozen behind huge chunks of phazon-infused ice, and you piece together what happened to Rhundas? You get the idea by now. They never beat you over the head with the story but constantly skipping to cutscenes, so if you weren’t interested it didn’t get in the way, but at the same they always told the story in a way that would draw in your attention. That’s something that was definitely missing from Other M, and something I feel they need to bring back to the series and hang on to.


  2. Chase says:

    I wish they would develop a metroid game with the basics. Nintendo is always going for the new and different but I think the new controller will be more of a hasle then bonus.


  3. what a shame nitendo allways set the difficulty so low on newer games… i’d really enjoy a hardcore mission in echoes style…


  4. Snockooz says:

    There are not going to keep up with Halo making more games like prime. The only way they could keep up with it is if they added an incredible MP but from what I’ve seen to do so they would have to sacrifice the campaign which the fans who already play it enjoy.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Metroid would need to have more gore and a better cinematic gameplay


  6. Amaris says:

    I’m ready for ANY new Metroid game. Seriously. After Other M, I really look forward to anything that Nintendo can release to refresh that special place in my heart that I reserve entirely for Metroid.


  7. Anonymous says:

    >Are you looking forward to a brand new Samus Aran adventure? Will this be the title to convince you to register a pre-order for the new console?



  8. Lydian says:

    Metroid was birthed from Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’
    They even named Samus’s nemesis after him.

    The whole point of the early Metroid games and film Alien were to give a sense of isolation and immersion in an alien world, they did it well with all the games up until prime 3. I think Prime 3 was a VERY awesome game by itself! But as far as metroid goes there was way too much NPC interaction. I didn’t feel alone in that game with the Aurora unit constantly telling me things.
    But like I said by itself, it’s one of my favorites and I proudly own the prime trilogy for Wii. And Other: M was just horrendous.

    But I would personally would like metroid to go back to it’s roots. Metroid Prime 1 and 2 were amazing at retaining the old metroid feel. I don’t see a platformer being very practical or probable for the Wii U, for the 3DS it’d be amazing. Keeping samus in 1st person I’m sure many fans myself included wouldn’t have a problem with. By roots I mean the immersion, the loneliness, and the fear of being alone on an alien world with life sucking parasites after you.


  9. markiebeau says:

    I am all for a brand new Metroid adventure separate from the Prime series. I’d also like to see a remake of Super Metroid for the WII like they did with Super Mario Bros. Same game, but updated graphics. Any takers? How about ALL the Metroid games in a 2 disc pack in its proper timeline and call it “Metroid Legacy”?


  10. lol says:

    nintendo suck balls all thir games are gay


    • herpderp says:

      Trolls are not wanted here, nintendo is why gaming is what is today! If nintendo never existed you wouldn’t have your precious halo reach or MW3 or whatever the hell you “hardcore” gamers play.


      • Undead says:

        don’t call those people “hardcore” gamers because there not if anything us metroid fans
        are the true Hardcore gamers


    • Anonymous says:

      Dude if you don’t like Nintendo gtfo of here freaking idiot


  11. Bobby says:

    i have played and completed every single metroid game there is and I really don’t understand the hate for other m. In my opinion it was an excellent game and did the whole series justice. Brilliantly innovative. I hate to see people slag that game off just because it wasn’t what they were expecting or like the certain metroid game they loved. With regards to the Wii U version I think it would have to be first person to make full use of the new controller. Would make scanning easier for a start to just be able to hold the touch pad up to the screen and look around.


    • markiebeau says:

      I agree. I also have played every game (xcept for Prime Hunters) and found Other M to be xtremely interesting. I think it was good for Samus to finally talk. I enjoyed learning about her life and finding out she is just as human as you and I. I liked that when you were finished with the game you could watch it like a movie. The only things I didn’t like were not finding all the power ups and no health or items dropped by the enemies. Would love to see a sequel. Yes, the new WII game should be 1st person.


    • Patrick says:

      I liked Other M too, but not everything about it was my cup of tea. Didn’t like the cinematic, cutscene oriented storytelling (read my comment from earlier), the fact that Adam had to authorize everything, the lack of energy/missile drops, and how it got rid of certain little aspects that Metroid is supposed to have…like non-linear gameplay and the satisfaction of blasting doors open. I didn’t think the game was bad, necessarily, but it just didn’t feel very Metroidy until towards the end.


  12. Raku says:

    Prime was great… is great still!, so i suppose that this are great news. Super metroid and Prime are the best for me, but I think that for this consoles tech is better to have a prime style game, I think, because I really can’t imagine a 2d platformer taking full advantage of it, but still i think that there should be a 2d metroid on the system but in a wiiware game style not a full cd game. It would still have enough power to be big and awesome. Now, that I can’t imagine how they could take advantage of it in 2d obviously doesn’t mean that they can’t do it; but for me even so I would prefer a prime styled because I like the graphics in super metroid just as they are… probably a slight upgrade with more frames would look and feel better, but I think that they probably over do it and make it to flashy.

    Well that’s just my opinion, metroid has never disappointed me with their games, not even the pinball game… it was great.

    Probably the only down side that I have always had with metr… well this is for most of the classic nintendo games like mario, zelda, kirby, metroid etc, is sometimes the low difficulty and lack or few of bonus and extra features when finishing the games, and even though a keep playing them!, imagine if they had this things.


  13. luke says:

    I would love to see nintendo start doing metroid platforms again as well as continue working on prime. As far as prime goes though, I thought the first two were the best. The only reason Echoes sucked was because for some reason they thought it was a good idea to put ammo on beam weapons–terrible idea! the third one was dumbed down alot for people and you were not really isolated, there was always the GF or an aurora unit telling you what to do instead of figuring out yourself. Prime 1&2 were great, but the majority of the storyline should stay in the platforms.


  14. sage tietsort says:

    i loved the metroid prime trilogy a lot but if they could be more difficult like echoes and you still can have the cut scenes of other m just not as long, just so you know what is in samuses mind would be great. prime 3 and other m were to easy just because it always told you where to go. the idea of figuring out on your own was fantastic in all of the metorids except other m and prime 3.


  15. bubba says:

    I would like if they took super metroid or fusion and Mae it prime style


  16. CoolKid says:

    I think they should make a game with multiple planets like in corruption. I loved being able to call in my ship with my command visor and then plotting a course to te different planets. It would be cool if they upgraded the ship added more planets and maybe even adding some sidequests. They could also add an inhabited hub planet with a market. Space Combat too? Need i go on?


  17. Anonymous says:

    I rely wont a new metrod game


  18. m says:

    metrod is the best


  19. Metroid know it all says:

    i truly belive metroid is dead, unless they come up with a new one fast, metroid will die a horrible death.


  20. Anonymous says:

    I always a fan of metroid but the last two really suck (metrod M and for wii) only new players who just start playing the would like it I hope the new one it not like the last two .I think there trying to make look like halo and what they are doing is messingup the story of metroid and hardcore stile now metroid is a game for sizzy girl and his new player sare the only one how like if they dont make metorid like the old one more difficult itis going nowhere.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Look metroid creators your games are bloody fantastic but you need to think of something new fast or you’ll lose fans and consumers we all want something like echoes that was a great game make it hard make it so only us metroid fans would know what to do. We really want a new metroid.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Btw I’ve loved metroid since I was what, 7, 8? Well I’m only 12 now yeah I’m young we ALL want something awesome


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  24. Anonymous says:

    Wend metroid prime 4 is coming out i need to know the date please


  25. Anonymous says:

    For me I would like to see the new metroid game to be more like the old 2d stile of game. Super Metroid for me would be the best in the whole series. What would be cool is if the did a remake of supper Metroid and still kept it in it’s original 2d platform system! 🙂


  26. Anonymous says:

    isn’t her gun supposed to be on her right hand


  27. Cpt.Glitch says:

    If this gets made I will buy a Wii U just for this.


  28. Phoenix says:

    i love all metriod games my favorite is super metriod if they bring back super metriod with better graphics 3d and good quality also keep the original soundtrack plus cinema like metriod other m i think it will be huge in the market
    adding more stuff in the controller i think is a good idea


  29. 13whitebread says:

    I will not buy a wii u untill a Metroid game is released for it period. To this day I have never owned a N64 because no Metroid game was released. Get it done nintendo come on man!


  30. Anonymous says:

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