Zelda 25th Anniversary Collection? No!

Last year it was our favourite little plumber, Mario’s, 25th Anniversary, where Nintendo celebrated releasing various items, including a Super Mario All Stars collection playable on the Wii. So, will The Legend of Zelda series also see this? The answer is no, according to Iwata and Miyamoto.

It is revealed that Nintendo of America had proposed the idea of releasing a collector’s pack, much like what was done with Mario’s 25th, but Miyamoto and Iwata knocked that idea in the head. They said they could not do the same thing two years in a row, it wasn’t very ‘Nintendo like’ to do so.

We may not be getting a collector’s pack, but we are getting a remake of one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which is in stores today! Not only that, but the much anticipated Skyward Sword is being released this year along with a golden Wii Remote, Link’s Awakening is available for download on the 3DS Virtual Console, Four Swords for free on DSiWare coming soon and don’t forget the Zelda Orchestra concerts taking place in all regions throughout the globe this fall. More to be announced on that soon. Meanwhile, read here about the Japanese Zelda concert.

Are you upset there will be no collector’s pack? I for one am not too bothered, so much Zelda goodness on its way!

5 Responses to “Zelda 25th Anniversary Collection? No!”
  1. I’m not too upset, because we’re getting so much Zelda anyway just like you said. It’s just good business for Nintendo. Firstly, the Mario collection last year didn’t actually sell very well, and its reception was meh. Nintendo wouldn’t want a repeat of that. Some may argue that a collection of Zelda games would do much better, but it still wouldn’t make sense for Nintendo. Releasing such a collection might cannibalise sales of OOT3D. That’s why we’re seeing a nice gap between OOT3D and Skyward Sword as well. If they were released at the same time, some people might only get one. But apart, some will get one to play while waiting for the other.

    Nice of Club Nintendo to offer the free OOT soundtrack CD as well for a limited time!


  2. Bigfoot says:

    Not very Nintendo like bwahahahahahahaha!!! Hypocrisy at its finest.


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