Nintendo Scene: Ocarina of Time 3D Review

He is fast asleep. He is all alone in this small room, nothing to disturb his innocent sleep. “Hello Link! Wake up!” it says. “The Great Deku Tree wants to talk to you! Link get up!” He shivers. “Hey! C’mon!” It bounces up and down, side to side. “Can Hyrules destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?”. He wakes up. And so it begins. You are about to play “the greatest game ever made, released on Nintendo’s new wonder console, the 3DS”, says Stuart. Many of you might be playing it for the first time, or others (like myself) have played this before. “In fact, if you’ve played it before, it will be such a comforting experience to bring back such gaming bliss into your life. It’s well worth the money and time invested. It will take in a whole new generation with Nintendo’s superior gaming class, a generation that missed out on the magic first time round,” mentioned Stuart, where Joe also added, “It’s a pretty game. But this isn’t just a shallow visual upgrade”.

Adult Link

Gameplay is amazing, with one of the best storylines in a game I have ever seen. Like 13 years ago with Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, the story remains the same, Link must save the vast land of Hyrule, while trying to rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Gerudo himself, Ganondorf. Not only this, but along the way, dungeons are visited, enemies must be defeated and befriending a beautiful horse by the name of Epona. “I’m making the most of the side quest stuff, however, and have more than half the gold skulltulas and caught a 19lb fish,” adds James to Link’s everlasting adventure. “I’ve learnt my lesson from playing through the N64 version, and this time I’m collecting all the heart pieces, doing all the little tasks and getting all the songs before I blast through all the dungeons – so hint for anyone else playing, get the Sun Song from the Kakariko Graveyard and Saria’s Song from the Sacred Forest Meadow before you head on to Goron City, and save yourself a lot of time!! I learnt that the hard way,” says Katy. I, like James and Katy, am also getting more involved with the side quests, as it’s something I never really did in the original. “Having only ever played the original N64 version of this game 13 years ago, I’m genuinely enjoying this game over again; surprised at how much I had forgotten about. From watching the sunset over Hyrule field to hacking up pots, chucking bombs and battling the dead at night, I’m hooked once again,” says Wes with much affection for the remake.

Link Comparison

“This has to be one of the best-looking games on the 3DS. While the 3D doesn’t pop out at you (or at least me) in the way it does in some games, it really works well to add an extra level of definition to the visuals, making them look sharper, more distinctive. This is especially true in the case of Link himself, especially when there’s a close-up of him during a cutscene. Dare I say he’s never looked better?” explains James on its visuals and how Link is now as smooth and detailed as a character in today’s gaming world. Just take a look to the picture on your right. You agree?  “It’s been reworked and tweaked extensively. All New textures and a modified control scheme adding appeal to what might have appeared as a dated game,” acknowledged Stuart, along with James. A considerable amount of detail has been added to several locations in the game, as you will notice when you set foot into Market Town, and also the Temple of Time which Katy adds, “One of the most stunning scenes I’ve got to so far is standing outside the Temple of Time, which no longer looks like a grainy old church.” On another note about the graphics, Peter said, “The graphics have been improved drastically, but this is only really apparent if you compare the games side by side.”

Bottom Screen Layout

On the topic of the modified controls that Stuart mentioned, Joe says “The gyro sensor has been used to great effect. Although I had reservations initially, this is definitely my method of choice for controlling the slingshot.” I agree with Joe, its amazing how effective the gyro sensor is when using the hookshot, slingshot or bow and arrow, also at how sensitive it is. I made the mistake of playing 3D yesterday in  the car, going over bumps does not help your aim, so I don’t recommend it! “I really like the bottom-screen layout, everything is so much easier to get to, especially when looking up songs to play on the Ocarina. I also like the gyroscope when using the ‘View’ function and also when using the slingshot, it’s really handy and works extremely well,” included Katy on the new 3DS features. Along with Joe and Katy, Wes and Peter are also fans of the gyroscope. “Playing the Ocarina on screen is much better and the clever use of the 3DS gyroscope adds to the immersiveness of the game as you take aim,” said Wes and Peter noted, “It is just so natural to quickly aim using the gyroscope, and it’s calibrated in such a way that you can look around 360 degrees without actually having to turn your own body as far as that.”

When asking people what they remembered most about Ocarina of Time on the N64, it was the music, as is the case with Katy. “One of the best aspects of the game, is the music. Going into the windmill in Kakariko village and hearing the Windmill Hut/Song of Storms theme really brought a smile to my face, and I can’t wait to get to the battle with Twinrova to hear my other favourite song – Kotake & Koume’s Theme!”. Koji Kondo was the mastermind behind the score for Ocarina of Time, and he didn’t fail to please. Everyone has their favourite musical piece they love in Ocarina of Time, which they can reminisce back to when they first heard it. I forgot how beautiful Minuet of the Forest was, till I heard it again yesterday.

Ocarina of Time 3D will definitely keep you busy, with three emeralds to obtain as a child and six medallions as an adult. “I just finished the Shadow Temple, so I’m nearing the end of the main quest,” says James when he was asked how far he is into the game.  “I’m about 7 hours in and every inch of this game has oozed perfection so far,” replied Joe. As you all know, Master Quest is included after you complete your main quest. Now you face more complex dungeons that have been redesigned along with harder puzzles as well as hidden ones. There is also a Boss Challenge mode, which gives you the opportunity to face previous Bosses or better still, challenge them all together, one by one! Joe is glad of these extra challenges, saying they, “prolong your time with the game.”

As we all bask in the greatness of Ocarina of Time 3D, our Ninja member StealthBuda’s game never arrived in the post, despite pre-ordering. “A rival clan of ninjas intercepted my copy and I’m too busy tracking them down to join this review,” he says calmly, but I can imagine his pain at not getting to play this game with us all!

To sum it up, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is  “the best game currently available on the 3DS,” according to Peter. “The first genuine must buy title for the console, Ocarina of Time 3D certainly is a reason to buy 3DS if you haven’t already. I can’t believe how much fits on one little cartridge; invest some quality time in this and you’ll be fully rewarded,” claimed Wes. “Even if you’ve played it before get it. It’s worth buying a 3DS for too. It will purify your gaming soul and bring you back as one with the gaming universe,” added Stuart. ” While other games on the 3DS are well worth purchasing, this is the first essential 3DS title and is one that you’d be foolish to miss out on!” declared Joe, and concluded our discussion.

Nothing less than 10/10 can be given to Ocarina of Time 3D, although some StreetPass features would have been the icing on the cake. Us here at Nintendo Scene will leave you here with this thought, if you have bought Ocarina of Time 3D, enjoy every minute of it. But for those of you that haven’t bought it… What are you thinking? BUY IT NOW!

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  1. Great to have such a vast input from the team here at Nintendo Scene. I think this is actually the best review out on the net at the moment.


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