New 3DS e-Shop Downloads

This weeks new e-Shop downloads will see Double Dragon and Radar Mission available on the 3DS Virtual Console. Radar Mission was a launch title for America’s 3DS e-Shop launch, and now both of these games will be available to purchase tomorrow 23rd June.

Double Dragon was originally released in 1990 for the Game Boy. You take control of one of the Lee brothers, Billy or Jimmy, where you must jump, punch and kick your way through this Beat’ em up to rescue your love interest Marian from the Black Warriors gang. Double Dragon will be available for £2.70/€3.

Radar Mission was also released in 1990, and was one of the first military-based games for the Game Boy. There are two modes in Radar Mission, depending on how you want to play. Game A is like the pencil and paper game, Battleship, where two players must place their ships on a grid before the battling and you have to guess where the opposition has placed their ship. Game B allows you to set up your submarine, which you can set up with extra Prop Speed, Twin Shots, and/or a Power Sonar before you battle against other ships. Radar Mission will also be available for £2.70/€3.

Will you purchase these titles?

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