Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Birthday at Game Oxford Street

June 23, 1991.  I was 10 years old.  I had already finished my ninja training in the Northern depths of England and spent my down time playing on games that still amazed me didn’t have to load via a cassette tape, one of these games, released on this particular day was Sonic the Hedgehog and he spun in a whirring blue ball of speed onto the Mega Drive.

Twenty years later I’m stood next to the big guy in Game’s flagship store in Central London’s Oxford Street.  I’ve come a long way in twenty years, but Sonic, he’s stayed true and not sold out.  Yeah he’s now on a system that was considered a rival twenty years ago, but hey, the Cold War is over guys, it’s all above peace and love and one-upmanship on Microsoft now.

Now I haven’t played a Sonic game in a long time, but playing on the games they’ve got set up in Game made me remember why I loved them as a kid, sure my gaming tastes are slightly more refined (ish) now, but there’s just something about hitting warp speed with a blue hedgehog and upon leaving the store, I placed my pre-order for Sonic Generations (X360) and will do it for the 3DS version – Sonic Generations Blue Adventure when they’re available online.

Initially upon my arrival at the store around 18:30 GMT, I was greeted by a huge queue, which can be seen from the photos; it confused me because I thought it was for Sonic’s birthday at Game.  So I took some photos and joined the queue, only to have it disappear in to the 100 Club, which was a slight fail.  I did get several StreetPass hits whilst waiting though.

Inside the Game store I grabbed a photo with Sonic, played some retro Sonic games they’ve got set up there and entered the competition they’ve got running to win a PS3 and some Sonic games.  They didn’t have any of the posters that Game had advertised on Twitter, which was a shame, but I still feel like I’d paid homage to the gaming icon, which is what it was all about.

If I’d been slightly more prepared, I would have setup a Streetpass meet, but I wasn’t and I decided that with International Streetpass Day at St Pancras this Saturday and the Mercenaries Streetpass meet the week after, the last thing we need is another Streetpass meet.

If you’re big into Sonic, head over to your local game store over the weekend to pay homage to him, even if you’re not but you like games, you owe it to do it.  There’s also the huge Summer of Sonic event in Camden this Saturday, so after you get your Streetpass Fix with Nintendo Scene at the International Streetpass event, you could head over there.


6 Responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Birthday at Game Oxford Street”
  1. Good report, wish I were there though. Always good to celebrate Sonic even now that the Cold War is over.


  2. Anon says:

    Not sold out? Stays true? What world are you living in? Sonic is now Sega’s cash-cow bitch, Sonic 4 was awful and far from the classic Sonic it tried to be. Even Sonic Generations hasn’t got it right.

    True Sonic is in the hands of the fans now, they know how to make a real Sonic game.


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