Like Nintendo? Like T-Shirts?

If you, like me, like to show that you are a Nintendo fan by what you wear, check out these awesome Nintendo inspired t-shirts I recently ordered from Insert Coin Clothing.

Just two of a great range of video game themed shirts available on the site, these are inspired by the classic 1992 Mario Kart and the recently re-released on 3DS The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time originally from 1998. The T-Shirts are of an excellent quality and are available for kids as well as adult, guys and girls. Check out the gallery below where you’ll see Katy sporting the same Zelda shirt I bought for my daughter. She bought it directly from the Insert Coin team at MCM.

The site features Nintendo inspired Pikmin and Goldeneye T-Shirts too, as well as these Mario Kart and Zelda ones, and there’s also a new Summer range of more designs coming soon.

3 Responses to “Like Nintendo? Like T-Shirts?”
  1. Really good to see T-Shirt designs that approach the subjects from different angle. Normally gaming related imagery on t-shirts would have been found in places like Camden market, and those designs were becoming tedious. Just good to see something new.


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  1. […] Anyone who owns a t-shirt from Insert Coin Clothing will know they are of excellent quality and in one word, awesome! Our Wes and Katy each have a tee from Insert Coin Clothing, which you can read about and see some pics here. […]


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