Summer of Sonic 2011 – London Event

A very brief take on today’s Summer of Sonic fan convention 2011 in London. Attendance kicked of extremely high. Queues reached round the block. Sadly, many of the fans who turned up hoping to obtain entry at the door, were put-off by the queue that hardly moved. But the majority of those in line stayed determined and largely did get a part of the experience. For those that had pre-booked or beat the queue eventually, there sure was a Sonic day of delite.

Summer of Sonic fan convention is the fourth to date and founded by Svend Joscelyne in 2008. Since it’s founding it has grown at an alarming rate to what it has become today. So popular that all those wanting to attend just simply couldn’t fit in the building. This event is more significant than ever what with it being Sonic’s 20th.

The event was well organized and had plenty of stage shows with Cosplays on Q&As to Live music performances. The high point was for most the appearance of Takashi Lizuka, Sonics developer through the series to this day.

We’ll leave you with a few pictures taken at the spare of the moment through the event.

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