International Streetpass Day – London Event Report – 25 Jun 11

Saturday 25 June 2011

Yesterday locations around the world celebrated International Streetpass day, a day to celebrate the social gaming tool provided to us all by Nintendo.

I started the day by having lunch at the Oh My Lord! Maid Cafe event, where I had the pleasure of introducing Maid Kimiko to the 3DS.   She excitedly declared ‘I want one!’ after watching the opening credits to Samurai Warriors.

As soon as I’d eaten, a short bus ride to St Pancras brought me to London’s event for International Streetpass day.  I was running slightly late and a crowd had already formed when I arrived, I notice that a crowd of twenty to twenty-five seems the norm for a London Streetpass event, but more on that in my upcoming Street and Spotpass guide.

Several members of the group had already been to or tried to get in to the Summer of Sonic event that was literally across the road from St Pancras and people came and went to it as the event went on.  There were many new faces at this event, including some American streetpassers, truly making this an international event, which meant that the main priority was  clearing Mii hits and swapping friend codes, then it was straight in to Super Street Fighter IV battles.

Several of us were educated with the finding of Super Street Fighter Download play across 3DS’, both players have to play with Ryu, but it still allows both players to play with one game, which is a quality tool for social gaming.

With several members drifting to the Summer of Sonic event, I decided to tag along.  I was immediately shocked by the queue, the event had opened at 09:00 for pre-registered ticket holders, but at 16:30 the queue was still immense.  I think the Summer of Sonic event has been growing rapidly over the four years since its birth, and this time it well overtook the capacity of this year’s venue.  Security were operating a one in one out policy so the queue hardly moved over the hour I hung around.  I got a huge amount of Streetpass hits just standing by the queue and they were handing out free Summer of Sonic t-shirts, which somehow I managed to avoid receiving (being a ninja sometimes work’s against you).

One of the attendees of the Streetpass Event allowed me to borrow her Summer of Sonic wristband so I could have a look around the event and take some photos.  I would liked to have spent more time inside, but it was crazy hot in the venue so I did a quick Streetpass hit collecting sweep, got some snaps of sonic gaming in action and exited the building.

On the way home I popped in to Game, Oxford Street and picked up the Sonic goodie bag that I had been denied on Thursday night.

I must add that I’m mightily impressed by the sheer amount of free sonic stuff, people say that nothing comes for free, but those who got hold of a summer of sonic t-shirt just for standing in the queue or those who grabbed a Sonic hat just by going in to Game will tell you different.

In closing, a good turnout for the International Streetpass event, even with another event next week for the release of Resident Evil The Mercenaries and the Summer of Sonic event going on around the corner.  Nintendo Scene were once again proud to be a part of it.


8 Responses to “International Streetpass Day – London Event Report – 25 Jun 11”
  1. Wow, this was a massive event for StreetPassing. Good that the Summer of Sonic convention was going on across the road. Suppose it was great as well to have our StreetPass event too, something for the fans who couldn’t get into SOS. Great stuff and thanks for sharing the day with us here.


  2. Kelly says:

    Woohoo, I’m the attendee who let you borrow my wristband. 😉 That wristband certainly got around!


    • Jastin says:

      Right, this is what I think happened. One of the Sega staff meembrs who help run the twitter account (yes I’m aware it’s run by several people) accidently made a typo in a reply, saying the demo would be out on the 18th. One of the writers for the Sega blog saw this and thought that the date had been pushed forward a day, changing the blog post to the 18th. Then the news sites picked up on this change and now we’re in this little mess.Pretty sure this is just a big misunderstanding from a little typo. Best just to wait until tomorrow folks. Besides, I’m 99.9% sure PSN only updates on Wednesday’s for Europe.


  3. Andy Piper says:

    This was a great meetup – most Streetpass hits I’ve had at once and I was the person who tried out the SF download play with one of the other attendees 🙂


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