As fans of Nintendo like you, there are a number of other websites that we all look at regularly, whether it be for T-Shirts, game guides, reviews or to chat with other gamers about our favourite games. The following is a list of great websites that we consider as ‘Friends of Nintendo Scene’; we recommend you add them to your list of bookmarks, just underneath Nintendo Scene.

Insert Coin
‘Stylish designer clothing for gamers – inspired by the world of video games’. Including some excellent Mario Kart, Ocarina of Time, Pikmin and Sonic T-Shirts.

Zelda Chronicles
For the most dedicated Zelda fans, this site includes the latest news and information as well as community forums and those all important game guides.

3DS Tribe
‘The ultimate source for Nintendo 3DS’, 3DS Tribe features news, reviews and features including ‘hands on previews’ of the latest games coming soon to your new favourite handheld.

‘The Unofficial Nintendo Archive’, ‘NinDB is an ever-growing archive of information on every game developed and published by Nintendo, from their classic arcade games up to the Nintendo DS and Wii.’

Nintendo Invader
‘Visit Nintendo Invader for the latest Nintendo-related news and game reviews’

An Online Nintendo Community, featuring News and Reviews and a forum

Nintendo 3DS Games
The latest news and reviews on the greatest Nintendo 3DS games

‘DS:London is a group of people who meet up at least once a month in a pub (usually the Angel In the Fields). It is a group of like minded individual who enjoys a good old game session on our little console and offers the chance to utilise the great wifi multiplayer capability.’

‘Delivering exclusive interviews, featured content and up to date news to become one of the fastest growing, most reliable Metroid fan websites on the Internet.’

Nintendo Galaxy
‘A growing community that reports on Nintendo news and reviews games, for Nintendo fans!’

Bits N Bytes Gaming: The Earthbound Journal
‘A 100% free collector’s item for anyone that loves the Earthbound/Mother franchise, ‘The Earthbound Journal’ is essentially an artist’s rendition of a journal kept by the four heroes in the game Earthbound (Mother 2).’

Mega Pirate Ninjas
‘The latest Nintendo news and other explosions, featuring exclusive comics about the Pirate Ninjas in their quest to enjoy Nintendo games and fight their nemesis, the evil Stench. We also have a Wii U Tank. Not kidding. A Tank.’

Nintendo Fans Online
‘Filled with Passion for all things Nintendo – News focusing on the latest gaming headlines and Reviews giving our verdict of the latest and greatest Nintendo games.’

We are happy to consider an affiliation with other Nintendo gaming websites, in exchange for a link back to our homepage. Please contact us if you’d like to be considered.

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