Virtual Console Review: Link’s Awakening DX

Ok, heres my confession. I’m a big Zelda fan, but of all the games in the series of Zelda, I have never played The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Please don’t shoot! But when the opportunity came around for me to purchase it on the 3DS eShop, I snapped it up.

Originally released in 1993 for the Game Boy, it was remastered in 1998 for the Game Boy Colour, including beautiful colourful dungeons and adding ‘DX’ to the end of the game title.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX is a classic Zelda title. Our hero Link travels abroad to train for further threats. A storm destroys his boat at sea, and he is washed ashore on Koholint Island, where he is taken to the house of Tarin and his daughter Marin(similar to Talon and Malon in Ocarina of Time, no?). After Link recovers his sword, a mysterious owl tells him that he must wake the Wind Fish, Koholint’s guardian, if he wanted to return home. The Wind Fish lies in a giant egg on top of Mt. Tamaranch, and can only be awakened by the 8 instruments of the Sirens. So now Link must set out on his quest to obtain all 8 instruments. Like all of the Zelda games, the main focus is exploration, and fighting enemies that get in your way. For me, the dungeons were easy enough, but that’s not to say I didn’t spend a few minutes thinking to myself “What do I do now?”.

The controls are easy enough to use, so you wont be sitting about trying to figure out what to do. You can move Link either by D-Pad or by using the Analog stick. The Analog stick is by far the best as movement is more fluid. The A and B buttons is what you will be using throughout the majority of the game, as you can assign various items to each of the 2 buttons. The map is accessible by hitting the Select or Y button. Gamers may spend a bit of time hitting the Start button switching to and fro between various items you find, which at the best of times can be a pain.

You might spend roughly between 10-20 hours playing this title, which is quite good. Aside from the main story, there are some side quests also, including collecting all the secret seashells. Link’s Awakening is also the first Zelda title to include a trading sequence.

For those who have never played a Zelda game before, Link’s Awakening is a great introduction into the series, and I would really recommend 3DS owners who haven’t played this title to download it from the eShop. If you have played it before, relive your adventure again once more. This game gets a 8/10 from me.

Second opinion:

James Salvona – The limited amount of buttons to assign items to can be a pest, and some of the combat can be frustratingly fiddly, but this is classic quirky Zelda magic at its best. 7/10

Link’s Awakening is available for download right now on the 3DS eShop for £5.60/€6.

2 Responses to “Virtual Console Review: Link’s Awakening DX”
  1. Hey I really like to story’s plot in this game. To be honest some of links portable adventures go under rated. Good Nintendo’s got this out there for people to play. Great review and think it gives a light but informative view on the game.


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