Resident Evil the Mercenaries Streetpass Meet – London – Report

A Park in front of the London Eye

Yet another fair weather day in London saw the Post Launch Streetpass event for Resident Evil the Mercenaries on the Nintendo 3DS organised by the Nintendo Spot.

The turnout for the event was well below the average we’ve seen at previous events, and this could be contributed to many factors.  The event sit’s between two other Streetpass events on the weekends either side of it, the event after being Nintendo Scene’s own Flash Mob event.  And also the start of the school summer holidays means many people are away or have gone home for the summer.

But despite the turnout the event achieved what it needed to, rather than spend the first hour like I normally do clearing down Streetpass hits, I got straight in to the Co-Op modes of Resident Evil the Mercenaries.  I had only played a few missions before, but the event organiser Dan M dragged me straight in to some of the harder levels of the game.  Despite this steep learning curve and my cursing of the chainsaw wielding enemy for constantly chasing me round entire levels, we opened up most of the characters and missions for me, so now it’s just matter of me taking them on solo.

Dan ran around the levels persecuting enemies while I found the high ground and sniped using Jack Krauser and the bow.  It was a system that seemed to easily get us constantly ranked at B.  If I’d run around we probably could have upped our ranking, but I was tired of the enemies ignoring Dan and chasing me instead.

So despite my initial concerns regarding Resident Evil the Mercenaries (anyone following me on twitter will know that I was close to cancelling my pre-order) it proved to be an awesome multiplayer game.  I’m not sure how long it will survive in my collection with the release of Mario Kart, Kid Icarus or Starfox, but for the moment if provides awesome entertainment.

The Nintendo Spot provided free t-shirts for the event attendees, and these can be seen in the event photo.  I would like to thank the Nintendo Spot for organising the event.  I look forward to fighting the apocalypse with you again.

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