Nintendo Building New Offices Near HQ in Kyoto, Japan

Presently Nintendo’s research and development teams are cramped at their undersized R&D offices in Kyoto‘s Higashiyama Ward, resulting in teams being scattered all over Kyoto in various available office space. So it’s no surprise and with Nintendo‘s success, along with their continued drive for innovation in their industry, that a proper home be built enabling such creativity to flourish.

News of this was already available back in February of 2009. However, Nikkan recently reported the amount being spent by Nintendo on this new center to be JPY ¥10 Billion (USD $124 Million, GBP £76 Million). It has also been announced that expectations for it’s completion are to be in 2013.

The land area for the new building near the company’s HQ (pictured above) in Higashikujo Matsudacho area of Kyoto’s Minami Ward, is 40,582 square meters, 6 floors above ground height, the height of the highest part is 41 meters. Total floor area of the center is approximately 95,000,004 square meters and will accommodate up to 1500 Nintendo staff. The site was previously the Kyoto Minami Golf Garden.

It is also rumoured that it’s first floor will consist of meeting rooms while it’s 6th floor will be a cafeteria with good views.

Nintendo Scene will be visiting the area as part of a trip to Japan in September where we will be reporting on all things Nintendo.

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