New Star Fox 64 3D Game Videos

New Star Fox 64 3D game videos are now available for viewing on Nintendo’s updated Japanese Star Fox 64 3D website. The videos included are gameplay videos, trailers and Japanese commercials.

Some of the videos show off the different stages in Star Fox 64 3D, and there is one that focuses on its controls.

Japan is getting ready for Star Fox 64 3D’s release date, which is the 14th July. Us here in Europe will have to wait till September 9th *sigh*, but we get it two days before the US, where it will be released 11th September.

Below are some of the videos for you to enjoy! Tell us what you think!

5 Responses to “New Star Fox 64 3D Game Videos”
  1. wes says:

    cannot frickin wait for this game.


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