StreetPass Quest 2 In The Works?

Most of you by now have probably cleared StreetPass Quest. Its been almost 4 months (what, really?!) since the release of the 3DS, where you’ve been gathering up peoples Miis with the StreetPass feature, and sending them out to battle ghosts and collect some hats for your own Mii. But now that you’ve cleared StreetPass Quest, now what?

Don’t fret, as StreetPass Quest 2 may well be possible. Iwata says:

 “To tell the truth, inside Nintendo is a very unique environment. Because there are so many people who have the Nintendo 3DS in the company, most of the people finished “StreetPass Quest” in such a short time and, as a result, many people are saying, “We want something new!”

“Even Mr. Miyamoto has been asking, “Does anyone have a plan for ‘StreetPass Quest 2’?” for several months, and several departments are currently considering such a possibility.”

I’d love to see this being developed in the not so distant future. I’m enjoying StreetPass Quest and wouldn’t like it to end there. I haven’t fully completed StreetPass Quest, I only have 6 people in my Mii Plaza (go on, laugh!) so I’ve been using my Play Coins to ‘Venture Forth’.

What do you think? Would you like to see this?

Don’t know what StreetPass is? Check out our StreetPass and SpotPass Guide now!

6 Responses to “StreetPass Quest 2 In The Works?”
  1. Marc Love says:

    This needs to happen! StreetPass Quest is so simple, yet deceptively addictive (same goes for “Puzzle Swap”). I can’t tell you how much I look forward to seeing if that little green LED is lit up following my tube journey to and from work! Is that sad? I don’t know, nor do I care 🙂
    Play coins are good too, but there’s something extra special about that passive human interaction.

    It’s surprising how often you bump into the same people and having that “hit count” rewarded by levelling up your heroes, is a nice touch and provides extra incentive to carrying the 3DS around with me everywhere! Was this Nintendo’s strategy, so that I lug it around everywhere? Of course, and I’m glad my efforts are rewarded. Realistically though, I won’t carry it around as much once I’ve completed both StreetPass Quest and Puzzle Swap (I have one hat left to collect and about three quarters of the puzzle pieces collected) so I’d say it’s in Nintendo’s interest to keep providing gamers with incentives and “StreetPass Quest 2” would fill that looming hole.


  2. Chris G says:

    I’d also like some more Pictures to collect! I (and I’m sure many others) finished the existing seven a while back, and there are some great upcoming games Nintendo could promote with these – Kid Icarus and Star Fox to name just two.


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