Major Success: London’s Apple Store Covered in Red under Mass #StreetPass #FlashMob Event

An amazing event for everyone involved. The sheer numbers of gamers wearing RED that turned out to occupy London’s Regent Street Apple Store, were simply awe inspiring. The sea of RED that could be seen across all corners of the store and stretching through it’s main lobby, nailed London safely at the top of the worldwide StreetPass scene.

Father and Son taking part. He can remember this when he's older.

Apple Store staff were very baffeled by their lobby suddenly filling uo with 3DS gamers all wearing read! They responded by direct their staff to hang around the same lobby area. They had no responce other than to ask us continually ask us if we needed any help. The stores security were most ruffled, they didn’t want us there but could simply ask us to leave, we weren’t doing anything wrong. Rough estimates put attendance at around 100, many attendees hadn’t been wearing red, making it hard to judge this accurately. Some faces were recognized from previous StreetPass events and a small few were from our very first at St Pancras station. A representative from Nintendo was on hand taking pictures, and doing a bit of reconnaissance for the company as she said they were intrigued by the event. The highest StreetPass hits recorded on the day were 74, most reporting around 35-45 on average. But this event will however be remembered for the coming together of Nintendo gamers to show our passion for the brand and more importantly the games and hardware that Nintendo produce.

The scene just after the 2pm Flash Mob Start

What started with Nintendo Scene organizing the West’s first and largest StreetPass event back in March this Year. Attended by Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter Developer) to seal it as the event to beat. As expected and soon after, such events were being organized in every corner of the world.

As simple gatherings become the tedious norm, a new type of event had to be envisaged. A decision had to be made, to do what has already been achieved (and to likely fail in inspiring gamers) or to add a new twist to StreetPassing, something that hasn’t been done before anywhere in the StreetPass scene. As a result Nintendo Scene put the word out for this Flash Mob Style StreetPass Event. To add further to to this, a venue had to raise eyebrows! Taking into account the industry rivalries between two very inspirational companies. It was decided that this event should happen upon Apple’s own Store in the center of London and during their busiest trading hour. Although the venue was kept secret until the evening before, it was well spread using social media networks; Twitter and Facebook.

Adam, Stuart and Wes, Representing Nintendo Scene at this Event.

Our man Adam Potts (StealthBuda) – Events Manager here at Nintendo Scene:

I’ve seen a steady decrease in Streetpass event attendance in London over the last few months. Even game release and game related events are less well attended than the original events we had in London. I suspect it is to do with people having already gone through the quest twice and having already finished all the puzzles. London 3DS users already play against their friends online so there’s no longer a desperate need to attend Streetpass meets.

What was needed was a new buzz for Streetpass events and I think we found it here. This event allowed people to quickly pick up the Mii‘s needed to finish the quests and puzzles, and those that had already simply collected the Mii’s into the plaza and filled up their hits with other Streetpass software.

This event was a collective show of honour and respect for Nintendo rather than the Streetpass incentive of previous Streetpass events. After today, I couldn’t be more proud to be a 3DS owner and a member of Nintendo Scene. And on a side note, kudos to the Apple store staff for being such good sports about it, they could have acted very differently but they were amazing.

3D picture of, Wes and Stuart from Nintendo Scene

Wesley Earp’s take on this mass event – Seasoned Author here at Nintendo Scene

With the nearly 30 StreetPass hits that I managed to clear down at the same time as chatting to some of the other 3DS gamers that attended today, I was very pleased I attended. As a 3DS gamer and as well as one of the promoters. The number of Red shirts in the store was surely a site to behold; and it was also a great opportunity to catch up with other members of the Nintendo Scene team too.

I took the opportunity to chat to some of the ‘mob’, interested to find out how they found out about the event and what games they are playing. Our Facebook page successfully spread the word of the event today, as well as our Twitter account. And it was good to see plenty of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D players as well as some fans of Resident Evil and other DS games too. I am always interested to see when a Mii in StreetPass tells me he’s recently been playing ‘System Settings’ too!

I spoke to one of the Apple Store team after the masses had dispersed and he seemed as impressed with the turn out as we did. He told me how bemused he was to see the ‘sea’ of red shirts as he came down the stairs in the centre of the store at around 2pm, wondering what was going on. I explained StreetPass to him and how we arranged the event and he was very interested.

Great success I think and I look forward to the next one. Let’s see if we can get even more people turn up next time!

We would very much like to thank every single person for attending this event and making it happen, for wearing your best RED gear, and for spreading the word before hand. Thank you to Apple for hosting this unexpectedly and for being so accommodating us. Everything came together perfectly to come good. Our hearts go out to does that weren’t able to attend, we hope that this report and the pictures below go some way in bringing you close to what happened today.  Simply amazing, and It doesn’t matter if any event is bigger. We all done it here first and you were all a part of it. A day in Nintendo’s History to remember for everyone.

We didn’t catch everyone’s Miis, frankly we were busy chatting with everyone. taking pictures and stading in awe at the sea of RED to clear down our caught Miis. But here’s a list of this Mii’s we did encounter (in the order they were StreetPassed); Raza, Charlie, V, Wes, Alan, Duncan, reeesy, malki, Tear,  MarcB, Vaneet, Tron, Julie, Zero, Darth, rckdude, David, Chris, Dan Fanta, Jamie, lewis, Russ, Basstitan, Darkslayer, Reydizzle, Yong-Joo, Youhippy, Dipesh, Titch, Mr Husk, Phill, Anees, Austen. If your Miis here please say hi in the comment thread below. If you’ve StreetPassed us, you’ll have a Mii in your Plaza with the name Stuart (wearing a link hat).

17 Responses to “Major Success: London’s Apple Store Covered in Red under Mass #StreetPass #FlashMob Event”
  1. Raza says:

    Was a awesome event 🙂 thanks again


  2. neil rees says:

    you chopped me off the left of the pic 😦
    haha great afternoon guys. see ya next time


  3. Them security were well unsettled by as all. Made the event cool.


  4. Whoo-hoo you got my Mii! And Stuart is a welcome addition to my plaza 🙂 Dipesh


  5. Raza says:

    Yay got my Mii 🙂


  6. MD1500 says:

    Well, I attended, but for some reason we didn’t get each other’s Miis.

    Quite a few of the Miis I collected are not mentioned here. Guess I was in a different part of the store. 🙂


  7. Reeesy says:

    Ha! you got mine! awesome. See you at the next one folks 😀


  8. wes says:

    In addition, I also picked up the following Miis on StreetPass;
    Neasan, AMAC50, liban, DrHamHock, Ray, Marshal, Drumtiger, Willei, katbrown82, sara, Stuart(yes THE stuart!) and shy guy


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