London Film and Comic Con 2011 – Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Resident Evil Revelations and Star Fox 63 3D playable demo reports

London Film and Comic Con 2011 – Earl’s Court 2, London

Checking the LFCC website a few days before attending the convention, I learned that there was going to be some awesome Nintendo playable demos at the Nintendo Unleashed stand.  We were to be treated to demos of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword on the Wii, Star Fox 64 3D and Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS.  I believe these are the first playable demos of these games publicly anywhere after E3.  Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater was reported, but then wasn’t present at the event.

After playing all three games again on the second day, my day one report stands with a few changes.  I’ve repeated it below with the changes for completeness:

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword – Wii

I’m not a huge Zelda fan, in fact don’t think I’ve ever completed any Zelda game, but I was hugely impressed with the control system for this highly anticipated game release.  The demo allows you to either run around a small dungeon and experience the combat system offered by the Wii Motion Plus or fly as Link on a giant bird in a bird chase race in an attempt to receive a prize from Zelda.

The dungeon mission gives you a taste of the new action for the bow and some experience in using the flying beetle (which you fly by tilting the Wii controller).  I upgraded the beetle just before the demo ended and it told me that I could now carry items with the flying beetle and switch to a downward view in order to drop items on enemies or in locations.  The beetle itself can be used to cut spider’s webs, sending them to the ground, which you then have to flip up and stab in the stomach.  You can also cut rope holding crates and crash the beetle into crystals to open doors.

In the giant bird flying race mission, you’re set on a task to catch a flying bird whilst riding your own giant flying bird.  You have to grab a statue off the chase bird and Zelda will give you a prize.  After throwing yourself off a ledge into the air, you call your bird and the race is on.  All the birds are equally fast, so you have to use tactics to outpace your four opponents and the chase bird.  You get a speed boost that you can use three times before you have to recharge it, so you have to use them wisely.  I quickly learned it was best to be at the back, where you can see the chase bird start to turn and swoop towards him from an intercepting angle.  After completing this mission (by catching the bird twice) you are shown a cut sequence between Zelda and Link which I won’t spoil for anyone as the demo might be released or at least available at future conventions before release.

Star Fox 64 3D – 3DS

The Star Fox 64 3D demo allows you access to three levels.  The first is a normal land mission where you’re attacked by air and ground units in rural and urban environments.  The second is though an asteroid field and the third is down a lava river where you’re assaulted by lava waves while you try and duck under lava rings.

This is the game the 3DS was made for.  When you’re trying to tilt your 3DS upside down to get under an asteroid whilst simultaneously taking out enemy fighters attacking your team mates, you know you’ve found a little slice of handheld genius.  The 3D effects are fantastic too and the game flows seamlessly.  I honestly can’t wait to get this.  Those who have played the demo will know how fantastic multi-player is going to be on this and with a September release I can see this driving 3DS Christmas sales.

Resident Evil Revelations – 3DS

This game is taking Resident Evil back to its basic horror roots.  I remember the first time playing through the original game and those feelings were brought back during this in all their paranoid glory.  A constant need for ammo driving you to make every shot count, a near obsessive compulsion making you scan every corner of every room with the scanner in case of a useful item and a similarly paranoid worry that maybe you can see a slight frame defect in that piece of wall, could it be designed to fall away as I approach it and let an enemy crawl out?  I was honestly gutted when the demo ended.  I need to play more!  I’m sure I have still got the original somewhere……


Streetpass hits wise I honestly couldn’t give you an accurate figure.  I cleared down my Streetpass hits as often as I could, but I just didn’t have time to go through all my Dead or Alive Dimensions and Super Street Fighter IV battles.  Every time I did, I got ten more and there was so much on, as well as ducking out for the Flash Mob Event on the Saturday, that I think unless you spent the con only doing stuff when your 3DS wasn’t showing a green LED, that you might as well have just sat outside and I think that any Nintendo fan would agree with me, that on the basis of the above three reports on the game demos available, it wasn’t going to be an option.


I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  There were some epic cosplays at LFCC.  I’ve got a bit of a thing for Jessica Rabbit and Tinkerbell cosplayers , so I wasn’t disappointed.  I was also pleased to see a few Sucker Punch cosplays.  There were several Link cosplayers kicking around and I hunted most of them down for a photo, all of which can be seen in the gallery below.

The rest of the Con

The main focus of the convention was obviously the stars.  Dr Who and Star Trek fans were out in force for the stars on offer.  Christopher Lloyd and Christopher Lambert were two of the other biggest stars there but my personal hero of the con was Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.  You can see my pic with him below.  When I asked if I could take a photo when I saw him wandering around he said ‘Yes. Quickly.’ I so wanted to shout ‘Mortal Kombat!’ as the photo was taken, but it is probably not the work he wants to be remembered for, so I showed professional restraint.

You can see from my hawl that I came away with an awesome Deadpool poster, a free Bruce Lee 70th Anniversary poster, an origami ninja, a pin-up art book by Matt Dixon, a lucky charms bar, a postcard of an awesome take on a real life female Wii controller and nunchuck and a fantastic art samurai t-shirt.

There were collectable stalls everywhere and if I had less self control, I would have been all over some of the signed photos and comic statues and figures, but I just haven’t got the space at home.

There was also a small Anime and Gaming Zone, but I didn’t have the time to check them out properly.  I did see someone hit well over 500 plus moves correctly in a row on a dance game.  DS London were cited as being there, but I didn’t see anyone I recognised.

In closing, I can’t wait for next year, for which the dates have been cited as 6 – 8 July 2012 at the Grand Hall Olympia, which is a temporary venue during the Olympics.  London Film and Comic con is a sharp and well run convention that I was extremely pleased that I was allowed press access to by the organisers.  All the convention staff are polite and friendly and the venue, although hot at times, allowed very easy access outside into the fresh air.

If you attended LFCC, let me know below, also let me know what you thought of the Nintendo Games that were available to demo.

Fear the ninja.


Note: this article will be live edited over the next few days.

If you would like your cosplay photo linked to you, please contact me via twitter @StealthBuda or leave a note here.

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