Final Fantasy rhythm-action game heading to the 3DS

Before you brush this off as just another Final Fantasy RPG to add to the 25+ titles Square Enix have squeezed out in the past 23 years, this one boasts something a little different… Although it still plays like a RPG, this new Final Fantasy game uses musical battles rather than the traditional turn-based combat.

As revealed in this week’s Jump magazine (Japan) the name of the game will be ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’. Internet blogger Andriasang has said that the upcoming 3DS game,

“will have field scenes set in dungeons and towns, and battle scenes that resemble the side-view battles of older Final Fantasy games. However, everything is played like a rhythm game, where you tap the screen in accordance with prompts.”

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will include music from past Final Fantasy games and will use characters from the entire series from Final Fantasy I right up to XIII. The characters will be in ‘chibi’ art-style form, as Andriasang notes will look like the avatars from the mobile Kingdom Hearts game.

The basic storyline concerns a crystal which can control music and fill the world with noise. The crystal starts to deteriorate after some evil characters show up and so a group of familiar looking adventurers set off to fix things in a musical fashion.

Are you looking forward to playing a new 3D musical Final Fantasy adventure? The characters do look irresistibly cute in chibi form! Let us know what you think in the comments section down below.


3 Responses to “Final Fantasy rhythm-action game heading to the 3DS”
  1. Hah, Lightning looks awesome! Sounds really cool. It won’t be anywhere near as tactical, which is a shame, but I think I’d rather play a rhythm game with a charming story and characters than the standard guitar/dancemat games that I feel have grown pretty stale.

    I’m optimistic and I’m going to watch it closely, but I do love the normal Final Fantasy RPGs and would welcome some 3DS adventures for them as well. There’s a reason the FF RPG games are among the most successful gaming series of all time.


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