Aonuma Discusses Miyamoto’s ‘Upending The Tea Table’ Process

So, what do you think its like to work alongside legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto? Back at E3, Eiji Aonuma discussed in an interview about some of Miyamoto’s methods for working on projects. Miyamoto is known to change the ideas around from time to time, but does this bother the rest of the team? Aonuma doesn’t seem to think so.

“Well, back at GDC, when that conversation was presented, I think it painted a picture of Mr. Miyamoto’s role inside the company as coming in and being a really disruptive force in the development process, but I view it a very different way and I think a lot of people do. It’s that his time to come in and flip things on their head is part of the development timeline. It’s an event that happens. It’s almost a ritual in that sense.”

“And it’s a necessary process, because I find that when he offers that feedback, a lot of the time, he points out things that I, myself, was having trouble with and maybe felt that I couldn’t solve or didn’t have a good time for or felt like we didn’t have the time for and he comes in and really gives focus to everything. So I’d really like to reinforce that fact that I don’t view the process that people refer to as ‘upending the tea table’ as something unpleasant. It’s actually quite necessary and useful.”

No matter when Miyamoto decides to shake things up, the result is flawless.

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