Nintendo: Problems With 3DS Classic Remakes

It has become clear that Nintendo are having problems with their 3DS Classic remakes. In the latest Iwata Asks, Iwata sits down with Nintendo Developer Takao Nakano, where they discuss remaking the Classic titles in 3D. Nakano points out certain unexpected difficulties that they ran into.

“We based the 3D version [of Namco Bandai shooter Xevious] on the arcade game. With a 2D screen, players had to use their imagination for Solvalou flying above the ground, but on the Nintendo 3DS system, we thought we might be able to recreate it using stereoscopic graphics so it looked like it was really floating.

“In the original version, the game unfolds on a flat surface. The moment we made Solvalou float in midair, all sorts of discrepancies arose.

“For example, when an enemy on the ground fired at Solvalou in the original, everything was on the same plane, so it didn’t seem unusual if the bomb appeared at the same altitude as Solvalou the moment it was fired and then hit Solvalou right away.”
“There were all kinds of discrepancies like that. It was a big challenge making something that would satisfy fans of the original and provide a fresh surprise on the Nintendo 3DS system.”

Hopefully these complications didn’t give Nintendo too much of a headache, as it takes much longer to port a retro game to 3D than porting it straight to the 3DS with no changes. It would be a shame for this to get in the way and to discontinue the 3DS Classics.

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