Exciting New Content On 3DS eShop This Week

So what’s available on the 3DS eShop this week? Quite a bit really!

Starting with the Virtual Console you have Mario’s Picross. Mario’s Picross was first released in Europe on the 27th July 1995. It is a collection of nonogram logic puzzles involving a grid with numbers for every row and column, which refer to the amount of marked squares within the grid. Mario, normally a plumber, is now an archaeologist who chisels on these grids to form images. You can purchase Mario’s Picross for £3.60/€4.

Moving on to DSiWare you have Jewel Keeper and Airport Mania. Jewel Keeper is a puzzle game where you swap jewels to match ones that are the same colour. In Airport Mania you face a tough challenge of sorting out incoming and outgoing flights into your Airport. Jewel Keeper is available at £4.50/€5, while Airport Mania is £1.80/€2.

There is also a gallery of 9 Game & Watch titles for you to browse through and purchase. Titles include Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr., Game & Watch Mario’s Cement Factory and Game & Watch Manhole. Each game is available for download now at £1.80/€2.

Want to watch the spectacular Zelda 25th Anniversary Orchestra opening to E3 2011 but can’t be bothered to turn on the laptop? No fear! You can now watch it, in 2D, in the eShop. Sadly enough it is not available to download, but its still a treat to watch all the same. On the topic of videos to watch in the eShop, you can view trailers for Mass Attack, Kirby’s upcoming Wii adventure and the Kirby TV Channel.

Tell us here what you think of this weeks offerings from the eShop? Have you downloaded anything this week? Let us know!

One Response to “Exciting New Content On 3DS eShop This Week”
  1. JetArtois says:

    Downloaded the free stuff, still haven’t brought anything. Think it’s pretty poor at the minute. I know it’s early days but still, get sone decent stuff on there.


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