Skyward Sword Could Be The Wii’s Last Title?

In my opinion, for a little while now there hasn’t been too much to jump around about in regards to upcoming Wii titles. We do have a new Mario Party game, a new Kirby title which looks very exciting, and Xenoblade Chronicles to look forward to. Another highly anticipated title, is Skyward Sword, the new adventure in The Legend of Zelda series. Some people were of the opinion that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword would be the last Wii title that we would see, and it looks to be possibly true. Here is what Eiji Aonuma said on the matter:

“Well, Skyward Sword as a title in general is not about… It takes good advantage of the Wii, but it’s really focused on motion plus functionality using your sword and your shield and the kind of tracking controls that are possible because of motion plus, not just with your sword but with a whole variety of different gameplay options that are all controlled by motion plus,” Aonuma said. “It’s a game that uses that as a central point of reference for gameplay and we really expand and iterate on that. As you mentioned, sure it’s possible that this could be one of the last titles for the Wii from Nintendo, but I certainly didn’t get the sensation that this is it – we’ve done everything we can. When making the game, it wasn’t even something I really paid attention to.”

“We just focused on really expanding with motion plus and doing everything we could with that feature since it was sort of the backbone [of the project]. But there’s always more to iterate on, so gameplay possibilities will continue to grow regardless of system.”

So, we knew this news was coming, but not so soon. What are your thoughts on this?

3 Responses to “Skyward Sword Could Be The Wii’s Last Title?”
  1. wes says:

    I am not at all surprised to hear this. With Wii U planned for next year (after April?) all of Nintendo’s efforts will be put into making games for that. But what better way to leave the Wii on a high with this? From what I’ve heard this is going to be amazing and I for one am looking forward to a few late nights engrossed in this as soon as it’s available. Whenever that may be!

    My Wii has been very quiet in the last few months, with only the odd switch on to check the Nintendo Channel for new trailers and the latest episode of Nintendo TV. Even Mario Kart hasn’t tempted me back on there, or Metroid Other M which I have abandoned due to the over all higher appeal of playing a bit more Black Ops and LA Noire on Xbox360.

    Make us proud Nintendo and give us the Zelda adventure we all crave and make it the Wii’s swan song that it deserves after all the amazing gaming moments it has delivered. Oh, and I saw a trailer for Kirby Wii on 3DS yesterday and have to say how much fun that looks too!


  2. ktx8 says:

    But what about Pandora’s Tower and Last Story? If Xenoblade does well (which it probably won’t due to the lack of interest in JPRGs lately) Nintendo said they would bring the other 2 over. I’ve already heard rumours that Last Story is probably heading our way, and Pandora’s Tower might be heading over if sales go well in Japan. If so, that should give the Wii at least a couple more months life!


  3. Monmon says:

    No more heroes is just funny the story is out of cnrotol the game play is kinda boring, but so much random stuff happens you will essentially play the game to see what random/outta place thing will happen next .and the ending is the most randomest/funniest ending I have seen in a long timeReferences :


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