Zelda Ocarina Competition at Hyper Japan this Weekend

Hyper Japan runs from Friday 22 Jul through until Sunday 24 Jul 2011 at London’s Olympia 2.  As previously announced by us Nintendo Unleashed will have a huge amount of fantastic playable demos for most of this year’s must have titles.

The available titles are as follows:

Starfox 64 3D
Resident Evil Revelations
Metal Gear Solid 3D
Super Mario
Mario Kart

Zelda Skyward Sword

And if that wasn’t enough, Nintendo Unleashed is running a competition to win an exclusive Zelda ocarina.  You can enter the competition at the Nintendo Unleashed stand by simply answering the following question:

How many Ocarina songs do you learn in the game?

They have 100 ocarina’s to give away, so make sure you head straight for the Nintendo Unleashed stand.

I will be attending Hyper Japan along with our Reviews Editor Katy.  I will be there promoting Streetpass on the Nintendo 3DS as the Streetpass Sensei.  So if you have any questions about Streetpass or want to challenge me at a Streetpass title, simply track me down and stay within Streetpass range until our 3DS’s connect.

Hyper Japan tickets can be bought here.

See you there!

9 Responses to “Zelda Ocarina Competition at Hyper Japan this Weekend”
  1. Wow,.. This event is just getting epic. Playable Mario Kart 3D!! That will make the whole event alone. Then the chance to get your own Ocarina. Sold.


  2. Alex says:

    Whoooooow, amazing. Thanks for the heads up on this. Will tell all my followers. Great work on the site, it’s really improved from the early days when I started following.


    • StealthBuda says:

      Thank you. It’s nice to hear from people who’ve been around from the beginning. We’ll contiune to get better and better.


  3. Reeesy says:

    i’ll try and track you down on sat as i’ll be heading down at lunchtime 🙂


  4. StealthBuda says:

    My Ocarina will be given away as a competition prize at a later date, only at Nintendo Scene.


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