Hyper Japan 2011 Day 1 Prelim Report – Super Mario and Mario Kart playable demos

Hyper Japan – Olympia 2, Kensington, London

Day 1 Report

Just so you’re aware, this is a quick fire report just to update people on what went down on Hyper Japan’s first day so you can make an informed decision about coming down on Sat or Sun.

My day went like this:

Entered Hyper Japan and went straight to Nintendo Unleashed.

Mario Kart Playable Demo

The demo is limited to one three race championship across three different tracks.  You get a choice of the standard eight characters and three vehicles for each character, you also get a choice of three different tyre types but are limited to one vehicle add on (For Donkey Kong it’s the hand glider attachment).  The races are pretty basic, but do show off what the game will be capable of.  Hand-gliding over a chuck of the course is fun and the underwater parts of the second track look awesome in 3D.  The demo shows what I look for in a Mario Kart, same working formula with a few extras.  It’s a shame that the demo isn’t multiplayer, as that’s what Mario Kart is all about for me, but from what I saw in the several play throughs I had today, the wait will be worth it.

Super Mario Playable Demo

The Super Mario playable demo consists of four different areas, the first is a standard Mario level, with coins to collect, enemies to avoid and take out, jumps to make, some pipes and some puzzles.  The second area is a side scrolling 3d pirate ship that you have to traverse ahead of the screen movement.  The third is all puzzles and took me several attempts to get past the first few blocks and the fourth is a boss battle.  The demo shows off the 3D well and how crisp the graphics look and in fact how polished the game looks in general.  Mario fans won’t be disappointed and you owe it to yourself if you are a Mario fan to get down to Hyper Japan and try it out.

Star Fox 64 3D, Resident Evil Revelations and Zelda Skyward Sword demos are the same demos from my London Film and Comic Con Report, and if you haven’t tried these yet either, they will really make your day worthwhile.

I then watched the Japanese comedy duo JaruJaru, then the always impressive Helen McCarthy’s talk on Osamu Tezuka and then the ITK Robot Show.  ITK are there all weekend, and their Robot Hand which operates through the user using a glove can be seen at their stand.  JaruJaru unfortunately had to rush off for their flight home straight after their performance and Helen McCarthy’s book ‘The Art of Osamu Tezuka’ can be bought in places where they sell books.

Lunch rolled around and I gorged myself on what was supposed to be mainly savoury, but after a chicken skewer and some vegetable spring rolls, I went all out on the huge selection of cakes and sweets that were on offer.

After lunch I returned downstairs to play Ace Combat 3DS at the Bandai Namco stand, which should probably appeal to me more than it actually does.  I’ve got no prior experience on flight simulations, but the AI in this demo seemed lacking, yet it didn’t stop my enjoyment of barrel-rolling over the top of an enemy fighter as I released missiles to distract them and gunned him down with a high calibre machine gun.  It was good to have a blast on it, but there isn’t much to judge the game itself on, just the graphics and basic gameplay.

There are other 3DS demo’s at the Namco Bandai stand, but one was fishing and another was a touch screen sports one and I heard Maid Planet girls were dancing on the Main Stage, so I left the stand and will return tomorrow to report on the rest.

Cosplay wise there wasn’t much, there were some very impressive Dragon Ball Z cosplayers but it was mostly fashion outfits today, which were just as impressive.

This is just a prelim report, there’s so much more going on over the next couple of days including tomorrow, the fantastic Maid’s of England will be performing on the stage downstairs and the Cosplay awards will take place over Sat and Sun so a full report will follow from myself and Katy.

And don’t forget about the Zelda Ocarina competition.  They’re allocating a certain amount of prizes each day so there’s still time to get one.

I’ll be cosplaying as the Streetpass Sensei in a modern ninja outfit tomorrow.  Let me know if you see me or Streetpass the SPSensei.

Fear the ninja.

15 Responses to “Hyper Japan 2011 Day 1 Prelim Report – Super Mario and Mario Kart playable demos”
  1. Raza らざ says:

    I got the Ocarina too 🙂 Mario Kart 3DS was the best!


    • Alex says:

      How does it sound? The ocarina, I mean..


    • Jassen Payen says:

      I agree, enjoyed Mario Kart 3D. I thought that Super Mario controlled a bit stiffly, there is something wrong with the way Mario jumps in the game, like the momentum is messed up. Hopefully the when the game comes out proper it’ll bowl us over anyway. Enjoyed StarFox as well, but the controls were not inverted, so that was a bit annoying!

      Surprisingly, enjoyed Kirby on the Wii the most!! Really fun with multiplayer!


      • StealthBuda says:

        I’m not an inverted controls type, so I was fine with it 🙂 I had real problems with Mario jumping, had some 12 year old tell me how to after he watched me struggle. Anyone who repeats that story will be hunted down.


    • StealthBuda says:

      I prefer Star Fox 64 3D over Mario Kart, but because I’d played it at LFCC, I spent more time on Mario Kart than any other game at Hyper Japan.


  2. StealthBuda says:

    Just to let everyone know, my Day 2 report will be up tomorrow night along with all the pictures from the whole event. And also my Ocarina will be given away in a competition at a later date, only at Nintendo Scene.


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