Street Fighter takes on Hello Kitty

It’s official, this is the strangest collaboration I’ve ever known. Ever. It has recently been announced that developing and publishing giant Capcom and Sanrio (creator of the world renowned Hello Kitty amongst other characters) will be teaming up to create a line of co-branded Street Fighter themed merchandise that be available to the public in late 2012.

Director of Licensing at Capcom, Joshua Izzo issued a statement about the new partnership:

“Capcom has long admired Sanrio and their ability to create memorable and cherished lifestyle brands so it is a distinct pleasure to partner with them for this new cross-over line of merchandise. The combination of Street Fighter and Hello Kitty will offer fans a whole new way to experience our characters.”

Although we have no exact details right now on what character designs will be used or what stores you will be able to buy this new merchandise in, for now we can just think of all the strange combinations that could arise! I’m still having trouble trying to imagine Hello Kitty dressed up as Blanka, Bob or Sagat… It will definitely be worth keeping an eye out for!

While most people would find this combination strange, Sanrio’s Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing, Jill Koch disagrees:

“We are always looking for new ways to surprise our fans and partnering with a strong brand-focused company such as Capcom is a natural fit for us. Hello Kitty and Street Fighter have a dedicated core following around the world and our collaboration brings the legacy of both brands together in a fun and unexpected way.”

Let us know what you think about this new partnership, and what Street Fighter costumes you are looking forward to seeing Hello Kitty sporting in the comments section down below.

One Response to “Street Fighter takes on Hello Kitty”
  1. I’ve never been a hello kitty fan. But when I over in Japan this September I’ll be sure to get some of this for my wife (she’s a fan of both).


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