My Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack Has Arrived!

Hurrah! My The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Official Soundtrack CD has finally arrived from Club Nintendo today! By purchasing Ocarina of Time upon launch, fans could register their game on the Nintendo website up to June 30th to obtain a free soundtrack, which I did as soon as I got in my door from the shop I purchased the game in. The soundtrack contains tracks from the incredible game score, which was composed by Koji Kondo.

Below you can check out the tracklist for this amazing 25th Anniversary soundtrack.

  1. Title Theme
  2. Deku Tree
  3. Fairy Flying
  4. House
  5. Kokiri Forest
  6. Shop
  7. Battle
  8. Inside The Deku Tree
  9. Boss Battle
  10. Hyrule Field Main Theme
  11. Kaepora Gaebora’s Theme
  12. Market
  13. Hyrule Castle Courtyard
  14. Zelda’s Them
  15. Lon Lon Ranch
  16. Kakariko Village
  17. Goron City
  18. Lost Woods
  19. Middle Boss Battle
  20. Dinosaur Boss Battle
  21. Zora’s Domain
  22. Great Fairy’s Fountain
  23. Potion Shop
  24. Temple of Time
  25. MasterSword
  26. Ganondorf’s Theme
  27. Chamber of Sages
  28. Sheik’s Theme
  29. Horse Race
  30. Kakariko Village Orchestral Ver
  31. Windmill Hut
  32. Minuet of The Forest
  33. Forest Temple
  34. Bolero of Fire
  35. Fire Temple
  36. Ice Cavern
  37. Serenade of Water
  38. Water Temple
  39. Nocturne of Shadow
  40. Prelude of Light
  41. Shadow Temple
  42. Gerudo Valley
  43. Spirit Temple
  44. Requiem of Spirit
  45. Kotake & Koume’s Theme
  46. Ganondorf Battle
  47. Last Battle
  48. Ocarina of Time
  49. Ocarina Songs
  50. End Credits
  51. End Credits 2

Included was a special message from Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo, which came as a treat.

Shigeru Miyamoto – Music is essential to the majestic world of The Legend of Zelda. Music has also come to play an important role  by being associated with highly individual characters in the game. This game, which centres on Link playing the Ocarina, allows the creation of many different songs by repeating three notes. Epona’s song, sung by Malon, stands out as particularly memorable.

Koji Kondo – The Legend of Zelda can make it feel as if you have jumped into the game and are experiencing its adventure. The music was created to make that visceral feeling more real. The tunes in Kakariko Village and Hyrule Castle Town are melodious and cheerful, and quiet sound effect-like music is used in dungeons. The main Hyrule Field theme has been written so that it develops and reveals new faces each time it is heard in the game.

A great offer from Nintendo to celebrate Zelda’s 25th Anniversary, and hope you guys are enjoying this brilliant soundtrack as much as I am. Gerudo’s Valley sticks out the most for me! How about you? Has your soundtrack come yet? Let us know!

8 Responses to “My Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack Has Arrived!”
  1. Steve T. says:

    Here in the States, I have had my soundtrack for a while and I love it. It was such a pain to get it on Club Nintendo. I registered it right away when I got home and the pop-up link on their site to order it never came it. At this point I’m freaking out. I really wanted it and so I called Nintendo’s offices and got someone to help me( shocker, right) and they placed the order for me. Anyway, on to the CD, Love listening to it. It’s on my Ipod( what that says about me, I don’t know) and I agree that Gerudo Valley is a great song. The more I listen to it, the more I like the shop theme, and the 2nd credits song. I have always loved the Water Temple theme. Wish Nintendo would release soundtracks more often.


    • Paul says:

      Hey din’t know you gamers state side got this as well. But here in Europe we had problems getting the disc too. And yeah, I agree we all need more Nintendo Soundtracks..


      • Steve T. says:

        I remember reading what a fiasco it was in Europe for all the Zelda fans to get their hands on the CD. All the same songs, the only difference is the insert inside. Different variations of the pictures. Right after I took care of getting mine, Nintendo announced they extended the deadline. Knowing my luck if I didn’t do what I did, They wouldn’t have moved the deadline. Anyway, hope when you get your hands on it, you’ll enjoy it, it’s great music


  2. Paul says:

    Oh those pictures look so sweet, pure eye-candy. Still waiting on mine, but the postman hasn’t been able to access my block for a while, so am pretty confident it’ll come when he next gets access.


  3. Paul Shinn says:

    Ah! I was just thinking about this today and wondering if mine should have arrived by now. Hopefully it’ll turn up soon…


  4. nintymadden says:

    Hope the soundtrack comes for all you guys that didnt get it yet!


  5. StealthBuda says:

    Got mine in the post today. Despite Amazon’s best efforts to deny me the game.

    Fear the ninja.



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