North American Zelda Concert Ticket Information

Recently, I received an email from Nintendo, talking about the Legend of Zelda concert taking place in Los Angeles on October 21st. In the email, it gave a code for Club Nintendo members to use in order to get 15% off their tickets.  Just type in ZELDA and boom, savings on your concert tickets.

It has been a tough time for the Big N but these concerts could be a way for Nintendo to help itself in their time of crisis. For the L.A. concert, there will be a limited number of V.I.P. tickets that will get you special perks such as autographs and meet and greet after the show. The concert’s web site has links and information regarding the recently announced London show and the L.A. show. The site also has a taste of what concert-goers can expect to hear and if the whole show is the same quality as the sample, it’s going to be one hell of a show.

6 Responses to “North American Zelda Concert Ticket Information”
  1. Monika Kokas says:

    i got one question to ask is if a carer of a person who has learning difficulties or disability would they still need to buy the tickets aswell or do they get in for free


    • Steve T. says:

      That’s a good question. I don’t go to concerts very much but like everything else, they can make money on selling more tickets. I would probably say the person would need a ticket. Stadiums usually allow children who are under a certain age or height in without tickets. probably check w/ the area/symphony hall for more information.


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