Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony – London Show

This year sees the 25th Anniversary of one of computer gaming’s most loved franchises.  The Legend of Zelda was released in 1986 and the series has since gone on to sell over 59 million copies.  To celebrate, as previously reported, Nintendo are putting on several one night 25th Anniversary Symphonys around the world.  The first, in Los Angeles takes place on Friday 21 Oct 2011 and the second, on Tuesday 25 Oct 2011 in London.

Tickets for the London show went on sale this morning at 10:00 via Ticketmaster and were available with three price tags.  The lower price (inc booking fee) was £38.50 and the upper price (inc booking fee) was £62.50 and a few limited edition VIP tickets were on sale for (inc booking fee) £110.50.

Through TicketMaster the lower price and the VIP tickets sold out almost instantly.  They still have a few tickets left towards the back of the upper tier, but HMV still have some superior placed seats available.

If you are attending, sound off here with your seat numbers and let us know of your intent to Streetpass at the event on our Facebook event page.

The Nintendo Scene peeps in attendance will be:

Stuart, StealthBuda, Katy, Reeesy and Orla (who’s coming all the way from Ireland!)

How do you think we should represent at the event?  Wear green?  Let us know in the comments.

25 Responses to “Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony – London Show”
  1. We should all wear Hover Boots! They’re easy to find, right? ;D

    I’ll just be wearing the Ocarina shirt I pre-ordered from Insert Coin Clothing, a Triforce belt buckle (once I’ve bought it) and MAYBE a green hat if I can find one.

    I’m in BLK9:B37 – seems like a good seat.


  2. nintymadden says:

    Got my green hat just now off ebay! 😀

    I’m in Block 3, S52!


  3. I booked three tickets for myself and a couple of friends! Can’t wait to experience it. If it’s anything like the opening at E3 I’ll be very happy! 🙂

    We’re in:
    BLK5, row P, seats 25-23

    Would’ve liked something a bit more central but it’s good enough… plus I don’t know how much you’re going to have to look at anyway 🙂


  4. Fryguy64 says:

    Stalls R 20 for me! See you all there!


  5. Reeesy says:

    STALLS U 19


  6. MD1500 says:

    Just checked. It seems HMV Tickets are still selling front row stalls seats!


  7. StealthBuda says:

    I’ve got seats J 1 and 2. Going VIP baby, it’s the only way we ninjas roll.


  8. Ogaa says:

    Can someone please tell me if the HMV £110.50 tickets are VIP? How can Ticketmaster offer VIP tickets and HMV not? The place is called HMV Apollo Hammersmith… The tickets are even sold at the same price and with the same booking fee. Are they really that inept or are they pulling a fast one?


    • ktx8 says:

      I’d say they were but just to be safe I would call the booking line and check!


      • Ogaa says:

        I called and they were completely clueless… I hope someone from the UK can pester them enough to apologize or clarify the situation. I don’t believe offering tickets for the same event, at the same time and at the same price and failing to mention theirs are not VIP is ethical.


  9. Ogaa says:

    I called and they don’t have the faintest idea. All they could say was “we’re not ticketmaster – we’re not ticketmaster”. I lost much money and time over this. I now have a useless ticket that I can’t even sell or get a refund on.


  10. ktx8 says:

    I’ll be waving from the back in BLK2 Row Y Seat 59 ;D if you spot any of us NSceners do feel free to say hi! I’ll probably wear my Insert Coin green Zelda T-shirt.


  11. Steve T. says:

    Stupid Question but are they going to be showing anything along w/ the music. If that’s the case then it might matter what seat you have. I remember working security for a Star Wars concert that played the music and they had a big screen that showed scenes from the movies that went with the music. It seems like they should have video to go along w/ the music but you never know w/ NIntendo these days.


    • Good question. I would most definitely think there’ll be some visual candy on offer. I’m hoping the whole concert will be a timeline affair, telling the story of Zelda through the games. But I am sure the main thing will be the music that’s being served up, in that respect the seats you have is not important. I may well sit back with my eyes closed and let all that sweet sound enter my body.


      • Steve T. says:

        It would be cool to see and hear the music as a timeline. Start with the original theme and work your way up to the newer games. I hope I hear the Hyrule field theme and see Link( or in every Zelda game I have ever played, Steve- always typed in Steve) running over to Hyrule Castle Town. If its one thing Nintendo knows, it’s music and this should be fun.


  12. My seats are K29 and K30.


  13. Anonymous says:

    zelda is the same age as me well same year as me anyway
    i’m going vip i think


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  3. […] of course this announcement ties in nicely with the Zelda Symphony concerts being held in celebration of Zelda’s 25 year […]


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