Star Fox Landing in the States Soon

Star Fox 64 was one of the fan favorites for the Nintendo 64 and now with the 3DS thus far being a system for the classics, Star Fox 64 3D will have players driving an Arwing in three dimensions. When the official site started running, it had an initial North American release date of Sunday, September 11th. When that was first reported, it was taking its fair share of flack and for good reasons. September 11th should be recognized as a national holiday, to recognize what happened that day, ten years ago. Nintendo must have received the memo that this date wasn’t the greatest day to release a game about “plane-like” Arwings shooting down other air crafts. Nintendo, already in a tough sales period here in the states, must not have wanted to take the P.R. hit and moved the release date up to September 9th.

This is a welcome change to North America because for some reason, Nintendo always releases their big name games on a Sunday and where I live, everything is closed on Sunday. Now that the game is coming out on a Friday, I don’t have to make any special trips to get a copy. September 11th should be a day where people don’t have to take a trip to the video game store for work or buying something, it should be about remembrance and with this date change, Nintendo got the message that this would leave a bad taste in the mouths of the people. Recently Nintendo has been slowly getting back on track with the Ambassador program and now Star Fox 64 3D‘s release date getting bumped up a few days. Nintendo is heading in the right direction.

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