Exclusive: Nintendo To Open London UK Store Within Two Weeks!

Toshiaki Suzuki - Nintendo Director

We can exclusively reveal today that Mr Toshiaki Suzuki a Director of Nintendo Japan will be paying the Nintendo London store’s premisses a visit. This information has come to us through a reliable source. Nintendo will in fact open an official presence here in London within two weeks. Details are scarce, but we can confirm that Mr Toshiaki Suzuki is in London and will be accompanied by Karen Ionescu (Nintendo UK Sales Manager). Less reliably, it has come to us that Nintendo’s London presence will not be a stand alone store! It will rather be a store within another larger department store along Oxford Street but near Oxford Circus. It may also not be staffed by Nintendo employees but rather by staff from the host department store. We also understand that work has only started on the store this past Monday. Judging by this the presence will not be as large as in New York. But never the less this is amazing news for Nintendo UK gamers, we sure hope they’ll be plenty of Nintendo merchandise. We would like to ask you all to stay tuned to our feeds, both Twitter and Facebook as we’ll be releasing smaller news nuggests on this as we get it. Please stay on this page as we hope to update it with pictures too.

29 Responses to “Exclusive: Nintendo To Open London UK Store Within Two Weeks!”
  1. Jassen Payen says:

    Pretty exciting stuff! 🙂


  2. Hogla says:

    Awesome!!! Just last week I was wishing for a Nintendo store here in the uk and it looks like its going to happen!


  3. Anon says:

    So it’s not a Nintendo Store like in America but instead part of a department store. Not worth getting too excited about.


  4. Joe Vasquez says:

    Well that was disappointing. Not quite a store is it? It’ll just be a section with Nintendo branding in a department store, like the GAME sections in Hamleys.

    The way this site was building it up you’d have thought it was going to be the next Nintendo World.

    I saw a comment on Twitter that summed it up best – “if you go to the chicken counter at Tesco you haven’t been to the chicken shop”.


    • I don’t agree with this. Nintendo will be having an official Nintendo retail presence. This is major news for London Nintendo gamers..


    • StealthBuda says:

      I don’t agree either. True the source may have initially been misinformed, but it’s still major news and it’s still news that no other Nintendo site or publication has vision on yet. If it wasn’t for our article, no-one would know about it.

      As I said in my comment above, it will still be a focus for Nintendo fans and it can hardly be comparable to a Game store within another store. Where else can you go for solely Nintendo products and promotions? All Game shops are the same, the Game departments within other stores just allow you to buy games without leaving to travel to another store.

      This way gives Nintendo a secure way of running an operation within London and who knows, if it’s successful, we might event see London get it’s own store in the future. The fact that Nintendo are taking an interest and a risk in opening something in London is awesome news alone.



  5. nintymadden says:

    I’m not really dissapointed about the fact its not a store itself, I’m a massive Nintendo fan, so I’m pleased with what I’ve heard already!


  6. Dave says:

    This is amazing news. I don’t care if it’s within another store. Good to see Nintendo moving into new areas.


  7. Steve T. says:

    It stinks that is isn’t a full store but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers. Its still a kiosk or a section of a store that is Pro-Nintendo. It seems like some stores don’t even advertise Nintendo stuff in their sale papers anymore or at the most rarely. Anyway, hope they do a good job w/ it and don’t slap it up in 2 seconds.


    • That’s true,.. in a way it’s genius. This way Nintendo can control the retail experiences of the goods. Just like Apple with their own stores. Smart move Nintendo.


  8. There is definitely something official going on here in London. If Suzuki turns up and views a retail outlet being refurbished, I can then safely say this has been confirmed by Nintendo themselves. The only thing left is the exact detail of how this operation will be in end effect, and I suppose that’ll only come about by Nintendo spilling the beans and/or the place actually opening for business.


  9. MD1500 says:

    I’d guess it will either be in John Lewis or Selfridges… Can’t think of any other department stores in Oxford Street.

    Both stores already have the 3DS on display – I used to go to them for Streetpasses when I first got the system.

    Given the riots, it’s probably just as well it isn’t a new store on it’s own.


    • Good points. From the two possibilities I feel it’s more likely to be in Selfridges.. As their retail model is already many businesses operating within the store already and would fit in to what’s been reported here already.

      But as for other department stores, there’s House of Fraiser as well as Debenhams, plus there must be a few more options too.


  10. StealthBuda says:

    True it’s not as epic as Nintendo having their own store, but like has been said, it gives them a retail presence and it gives London fans and visiting fans a focus. I think regardless of where it is we’ll see events and promotions there, which is epic in itself.

    It’s going to be a streetpass haven, and with most department stores on Oxford Street opening with good hours, we might even see some good mid week evening events there.



  11. mark says:

    what the hell is that photo of?


  12. jason says:

    the photo pf the HQ is in bath road slough, im hopeing its true as i live next to it lol
    google armerican golf bath road its in front of it


  13. Fido1625 says:

    Wait, I live near the UK HQ, so is it like a Nintendo shop and a HQ so will it sell like Nintendo products? Because I might go there.


  14. Store is not open. Appears to be a semi official Nintendo presence There are no official merchandise just game and console bundles specific to the host store.. Official opening is this Monday the 24th of October. It is said that Mario and Luigi will be in attendance and their maybe goodies in store too.


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