Nintendo Scene to provide Wii Gaming at Upcoming Maid Cafe

In an exclusive pairing, NintendoScene will be providing some Wii gaming action at the next Maids of England Maid Cafe event.

At an exclusive press event on Saturday 06 Aug 11, I was treated to tea, a special edition Maids of England cake, entertainment and the delightful company of the Maids and Butler Shen.  I was lucky enough to be served by Head Maid Cassis but also got to talk to Maid Rini and Maid Kimiko.

The Maids of England Cafe is a fusion Japanese and English maid and butler cafe inspired by the success of English style maid cafes in Japan.  They have taken the basic service based idea of those cafes and turned it in to a full entertainment experience.  The maids and butlers use roleplaying to engage with the customers and remain in characters based on famous manga or anime stereotypes for your whole visit.

Throughout your stay, along with serving you food and drink, the maids and butlers will perform popular Japanese otakau culture dances and play board-games with you like Mini-Jenga and Connect 4.  Winning a game will result in a prize in the form of an art sketch or a homemade cupcake, but losing could result in a punishment.

At the first Maids of England event on Sat 03 Sep 11 at Cafe VN on Clerkenwell Road, NintendoScene will be on site providing Wii gaming for you to compete against the maids and butlers.

If you want to know more, visit the Maids of England website, Facebook profile, or Twitter page.  Pictures and profiles of all the maids and butlers can be found on their Facebook profile.

Tickets for the first Maids of England cafe can be bought on the door for £10, but buying them online gives you a 30% saving!  Setting the advance ticket price at £7 and also guaranteeing you a place in one of the two time slots.

4 Responses to “Nintendo Scene to provide Wii Gaming at Upcoming Maid Cafe”
  1. Sylverstone Khandr says:

    Sounds great!

    I know an upcoming maid cafe here in NYC called Tenshi no Ai

    Had a wonderful picnic with them on Saturday.


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