New 3DS Prices Announced

From tomorrow, retailers will be selling the 3DS at a reduced price. A few prices have been announced…

Sainsbury’s will be selling the unit for £139.99 while Morrisons will be lowering their price to £120, with games reduced to £25. The best price so far seems to be Tesco, where they will be selling the handheld for an amazing £115. This comes after GameStop decided to slash the price early yesterday by selling it at £134.97.

Pretty amazing to see such a remarkable console so cheap! if you don’t already own a 3DS, now is definitely the time to pick one up! If you already own a 3DS, don’t forget to connect to the e-shop by midnight tonight to be automatically entered into the Ambassador Programme.

4 Responses to “New 3DS Prices Announced”
  1. jimjamz says:

    £115 also on Amazon.


  2. mlove99 says:

    Those prices are ridiculously cheap! This surely will fly off the shelves, if not now, then definitely by Christmas? Any by then, there’ll be plenty of good games. Nintendo might just be able to turn this one around!


    • nintymadden says:

      Hopefully this will see an increase in sales, already some people are discussing on twitter that will defo pick one up after the cut!


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