If You Think Nintendo is “Families First”

In the past, Nintendo has been branded as a company that doesn’t cater to the hardcore gamer and caters more towards families and younger people. Is this a fair judgment, maybe, maybe not. With Nintendo trying to go back into the hardcore gamer section of consumers, it’s time to look back into the Wii’s life and see if Nintendo did leave the hardcore fans in the dust. The answer might just surprise you.

The Wii has had its fair share of family games and games not for the hardcore gamer. At the same time, it also has had some games that would appeal to the hardcore gamer. In this category, I would put Metroid Prime 3, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the Resident Evil games and Red Steel 1 and 2. There are others but mostly the system was trying to go towards the families because at launch time, Nintendo felt they could sell more units to families and it turns out they were right. One game I recently played that would go over well with all hard-core players and sour the families is House of the Dead: Overkill. I am a big fan of the House of the Dead series and I had high hopes for the game.

The House of the Dead:Overkill brings back Agent G from the arcade and Dreamcast games, still killing zombies or in the case of the game, mutants. This game could have all the dark gameplay the Wii needed to keep the hard-cores from complaining. It has the player shooting zombies and trying to rescue some girl you meet along the way.The game has all the characters speak their lines, which Nintendo has never really been keen on, just look at Zelda games. I feel like gamers nowadays rate a game by two factors. How it looks and how it plays. Overkill plays just like every other rail shooter but the graphics are “so-so.” Dialogue is a huge part of the game where almost every other word is a curse word and this adds to the story. As the game moves along, Agent G and his partner don’t get along like partners should but at the end they settle their differences. The end might be the darkest part as well as the sickest. I don’t want to give away the ending but lets just say if you play this game, you will be wondering why and how is this on the Wii.

To sum this all up, is branding the Wii a “family system” fair? Maybe, but by the looks of it, there are games for the Wii that are for the other side, the hardcore gamers that are looking for things that families aren’t.

5 Responses to “If You Think Nintendo is “Families First””
  1. Good piece. I just love the swearing in Overkill. Really makes a good laugh at any group gathering. ON a serious note it shows how far Nintendo have come. This dialogue would never have made it through the NES, SNES or N64 days…


    • Steve T. says:

      the swears work in the game and add a ton to the humor factor. For some reason I didn’t expect the game to have that type of language. Maybe because the old arcade games rarely cursed. This could just be another way Nintendo is trying to get into that older demographic that I don’t think they need to.


      • Good point, but there’s no harm in letting 3rd parties cater for that market.


        • Steve T. says:

          I have no problem letting 3rd parties do what they feel is right. If that means cater to the market to sell games, and they certainly do, then more power to them. The Wii Started the catering and it looks like the Wii-U will continue it.


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