Nintendo Announces Packed Autumn/Winter 2011 Line-Up of Upcoming Games

Nintendo have announced their line-up of games planned for release before the end of the year. And it’s a corker!

Highlights include confirmed months for Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS and Zelda Skyward Sword on the 18th November and Kirby’s Adventure Wii in December, both for Wii.

Fans of the classics should also be pleased to hear of the release of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Metroid II – Return of Samus for the 3DS Virtual Console eShop before the end of the year. These will also be joined by Mega ManTM: Dr. Wily’s Revenge in September, Gargoyle’s Quest later this month and BIONIC COMMANDO.

TwinBee has been revealed to be the next 3D Classic, to be released on 22nd September and other downloadable 3DS eShop releases include Mutant Mudds, Mighty Switch Force and Zen Pinball 3D. We’ll give you more details on these when we have them.

With these as well as The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords confirmed for release for free in September on DSiWare, Kirby Mass Attack on 28th October, Professor Layton and The Spectre’s Call in November and the DSiWare version of Cave Story also confirmed for release, as well as the multitude of titles coming for free as part of the 3DS Ambassador programme, Nintendo handheld gamers are going to spoilt for choice.

On Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles is out this month, Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident will be released on the 9th September, Go Vacation is coming in the Autumn and Rayman Origins will be released in November. Two more awesome titles will be added to the Nintendo Selects line-up in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy on 16th September. If you haven’t played these already, I suggest you do when these two are out, before the release of Skyward Sword on the 18th November.

Finally, both The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower have both been confirmed for a European release in 2012. Great news.

The full list of games can be downloaded here.

Which out of ALL of these are you most excited about? I can see the next few months being VERY expensive!

10 Responses to “Nintendo Announces Packed Autumn/Winter 2011 Line-Up of Upcoming Games”
  1. I am looking forward to Four Swords and Xenoblade. But there really is just so many good ones here. I just hope they all get the recognition and play that they deserve. I am worried that so much is happening at the same time. Don’t wanna see a shallow New Year (but it will probably be the case like always). Great Article.


    • Wes says:

      Thanks Stuart. Certainly increases the faith I have in Nintendo to deliver. Some quality 3DS titles coming, retail and download, and the awesome Skyward Sword will no doubt mean i’ll be spoilt for choice with so much to play!


      • I really think there’ll be too many must play games for me this season. With a kid on the way time is seriously of the essence! (I might have to neglect it a little 😉


  2. Steve T. says:

    Can’t wait for Mario Kart, 3D Land, and Skyward Sword. Throw some Kirby in there and you have a great time to be a Nintendo fan. It’s going to be hard to decide if I want to get these games at launch or wait until Christmas? It would be hard to wait that long for some of these games.


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