Unreleased 3DS Titles Playable at IGN’s 100th Podcast Party

This coming Tuesday (23 Aug 11), IGN are celebrating their 100th Podcast with a party at London’s 100 Club on Oxford Street.

As previously announced, Nintendo Scene were allocated a number of guest list places which gave away to our readers.

The 100th podcast will be recorded live at the party and as well as Nintendisco being on site to provide entertainment after the podcast.

We’ve just learned that there will be loads of Nintendo 3DS pods on site with a host of unreleased 3DS games available to play.

The games available will be:

Super Mario 3D Land

Mario Kart 7

Luigi’s Mansion 2

Star Fox 64 3D

Resident Evil Revelations

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

Kid Icarus: Uprising

IGN will also be giving away a host of merchandise, including a 3DS console and software.

Although all of the Nintendo Scene guest list places have been allocated, you can still enter IGN’s competition until Friday night to try and win yourself a place.

We look forward to seeing some of you lucky readers there.

7 Responses to “Unreleased 3DS Titles Playable at IGN’s 100th Podcast Party”
  1. :D:D:D:


  2. Why oh why did I have to go on holiday?!


  3. Zero says:

    aww what?! any spaces left?


  4. Who else is going then? Should meet up before the party for a drink or two =)


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