Upcoming UK Gaming and Nintendo Events Guide

Here’s  handy list of upcoming gaming events.  If I’ve missed your event off the list please give me a shout via our contact us page.

Let us know in the comments and on Twitter and Facebook which events you are planning to attend.

A link to all past event reports is at the bottom of this page.

An update to all of 2012’s upcoming gaming events is coming soon!

Past Events

Conventions and Events

Streetpass Events
5 Responses to “Upcoming UK Gaming and Nintendo Events Guide”
  1. StealthBuda says:

    Which events are you attending people? I’ll be at Capcom Fight Club, IGN 100th Podcast Party, Nintendisco at 93 Feet Street, I’ll be running the Wii Gaming at the Maids of England Cafe, Fri and Sat of GAMEfest, Thu, Fri and Sat of Eurogamer, both days of the Entertainment Media Show, I’ll rolling VIP at the Zelda Symphony, All days of MCM London Oct and both days of London Gaming Con – StealthBuda


    • I’ll be with you at our StreetPass event with the IGN 100th Podcast Party as well as the Zelda Symphony. Apart from these UK events I will be covering the Tokyo Game Show live from the event just for our beloved Nintendo Scene. I plan to live tweet with pictures, videos and analysis from within the show. I will also live stream a tour of the entire show floor direct to the Nintendo Scene site. More plans will be announced nearer the time.Excited!


  2. Sylverstone Khandr says:

    I was hoping to go to Capcom Fight Club here in New York, but I was feeling a bit ill.


    • StealthBuda says:

      Was that the one last night? Yaya Han was at a Capcom Fight club in the US last night. It blows that Capcom aren’t bringing her over here for ours.


  3. I’m going to be at:
    IGN 100th Party
    EuroGamer Expo (Thursday)
    Zelda Symphony

    ^_^ Will check out the rest, MCM sounds a bit busy though!


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