Xenoblade Chronicles Stock Shortage

It has been announced that Xenoblade Chronicles, due to release tomorrow across Europe, is facing serious stock shortages. Nintendo of Europe seems to have not expected the great demand for their latest JRPG and so are dealing with both high-street and online retailer shortages.

The online retailer ShopTo.net tweeted earlier; “Due to the unexpected late demand for Xenoblade Chronicles the publisher has experienced great stock shortages of this title.”

Although we do not know how this will affect sales over the weekend, we can expect that Nintendo will deal first with all pre-orders of the game and then place larger orders to fill shelves.

It is unusual that a Wii exclusive JRPG would attract this much attention prior to release. However, it looks as though Xenoblade deserves the attention as it has received glowing reviews across the board, with a current Metacritic score of 92 out of 100. Hopefully it will knock Zumba Fitness off of the top spot the UK Charts once released.

Have you pre-ordered Xenoblade Chronicles? Let us know if the stock shortages affect you by commenting below.

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6 Responses to “Xenoblade Chronicles Stock Shortage”
  1. Preordered on Amazon with ‘FREE’ delivery hear about a week ago.

    Currently listed as ‘dispatching soon’ with an estimated time of today. That would let it arrive on Saturday at the earliest. I’ll let you know if any of this changes!


  2. Sean says:

    I went into gamestop this morning thinking the biggest hurdle was going to be if they actually had the game or not…..not a game shortage. Turns out they only had enough games to fufill pre orders.

    Caught me by surprise, I was the first in I figured there would be some there. :/ Well they said another batch of it will be coming in the middle of next week. So I’m picking up mine then.


  3. Lolli says:

    The Game shop I went to (on the outskirts of Paris) was the opposite. I managed to get the game and controller pre-order bundle (admittedly, I got the last one), the LE pre-order steel book AND poster set, even though I hadn’t pre-ordered the game. They had so many steel books and poster sets left, they were giving them away with regular purchases of the game – which they also had a large amount of stock of.

    For the first time I don’t mind having a French language box XD


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