Your thoughts on the 3DS Ambassador Program

There is no ignoring that the 3DS didn’t get off to the best start after it’s launch and Nintendo responded with the recent price cut. But what about those of us who had already purchased the hand-held? Those loyal Nintendo fans surely didn’t deserve to be punished for their faith in the company? Nintendo didn’t think so and provided us with a compensation package entitled ‘The Ambassador Program’. We were eager to get your thoughts on the situation so we fired up our state-of-the-art super computers (read: my laptop) and sent out some tweets and a facebook status to find out your opinion on the matter. This is what you had to say…

What Ambassador Program game are you most looking forward to?

Metroid Fusion was the answer from @darrenkerwin. Darren is the founder of Shinesparkers, a Metroid fansite, so that is perhaps unsurprising! But many others joined in with the Metroid love: @MD1500, @bananaoomarang, @strongnebula and Lew Reed & Will Davenport on Facebook all cited the criticially acclaimed 2D action-adventure game as the amabassador program game that they’re most looking forward to. “Never finished it on GBA. Now’s my chance!” @strongnebula explained. Personally, I never owned it on GBA and I can’t wait to take this chance to remedy that.

The other eagerly anticipated game appears to be Yoshi’s Island. Our very own @wesearp chose Baby Mario’s Yoshi-filled adventure as his most anticipated Ambassador Program title. As did: @NinDBFry  & @GrecianRuss. Raza Shah called the game “One of the greatest games ever made!”. I can’t disagree with that, Raza!

What game do you most want to be announced as part of the program?

So they were the games that you most wanted from the program that had already been announced. But what about those yet to be confirmed?

Minish Cap was a popular choice. @darrenkerwin, @MD1500, @bananaoomarang and @wesearp cited the popular portable Zelda title as the game they most wanted Nintendo to announce. But @bananaoomarang wasn’t too fussy about which Zelda game we got, he said “Zelda Minish Cap. Or any other Zelda!”.  @GrecianRuss is also a fan of Link’s adventures but he’d rather see Link to the Past come to his 3DS as part of the program. There sure is a lot of love for Zelda from Nintendo Scene fans!

Testament to the vast library of great Nintendo games, the answers to this question varied greatly.  @strongnebula would like to see Metroid Zero Mission, Super Mario World or Kid Icarus as part of the Ambassador Program and our Facebook friends also held differing views. Raza Shah would like to see Samurai Jack, Lew Reed would like to see Pokemon Emerald and Will Davenport would like to see Advance Wars 2. I’d love a Pokemon game as-well Lew but with rumoured Ruby & Sapphire remakes in the works, would we not be more likely to see FireRed & LeafGreen come as part of the program? If any? Also giving us Kid Icarus would be a good way of getting us onboard for the upcoming 3DS game and I’m always up for some Advance Wars!

“I just wish they’d put some SNES games up. Turtles in Time, Starfox, Link to the Past and F-Zero would have done it for me” says Chris Locke on Facebook. I agree but remember that many SNES games such as Link to the Past were remade on GBA anyway so all hope is not lost! @NinDBFry‘s request is clear when he states that all he wants is “A GBA game I don’t already have…” Let’s hope Nintendo’s ninjas have looked through your games library and can rustle something up!

How do you feel Nintendo have handled the 3DS Price Cut?

Most of you appeared to agree that they had handled it well. @MD1500 called their handling of the situation “Good” and @darrenkerwin stated that he felt Nintendo had made “A brave yet necessary decision that I think will benefit Nintendo”. Will Davenport on Facebook, however, disagreed and felt that the reaction “seemed rushed and desperate”. @strongnebula seemed to agree that the reaction was premature stating “I’d say too soon but I picked up my one [3ds] just before Zelda OoT came out for £190 so I’m not mad. Just happy to be an ambassador”. @NinDBFry felt that Nintendo had “handled the cut well, but everything before the cut pretty badly”. Raza Shah agreed that the launch hadn’t been handled particularly well as he felt “Since Nintendo messed up with the launch, I think it was a good move”. However,  Lew Reed felt that Nintendo had handled it “Better than any other company would have, and better than early adopters are used to.”

@bananaoomarang, @wesearp and @GrecianRuss were all in agreement that Nintendo had handled the situation really well or as @bananaoomarang said “With class. 50 % pay cuts and personally written letters”. They certainly were very humble!

How could they have handled the situation better?

So generally, you all agree that the situation has been handled very well. But could Nintendo have done anything better? One of my main criticisms of the program has been the lack of a spotpass confirmation message to put my paranoia at ease. Lew Reed on Facebook agreed “A confirmation that I got into the Ambassador Program would have been nice. Now I have to sit here on the edge of my seat until they put that thing on the website! D:” and me being right didn’t stop there! @MD1500 said that Nintendo could have handled the situation better by sending a “‘You’re an ambassador’ message” out to us all.

Most of the improvements suggested stemmed from Nintendo’s handling of the 3DS pre-pricecut. @strongnebula cited a lack of “MEGA HITS” and the hefty price tag as problems and Raza Shah also agreed that the 3DS should have been cheaper and lauched with “GOOD third party games”. To be fair, poor third party efforts were not Nintendo’s fault this time around, they held off on releasing their big franchises to give third parties some time to breath. It clearly failed though. There were many other suggestions regarding the original price. @bananaoomarang and @wesearp both agreed that they should have priced the system slightly more competitively. @darrenkerwin agreed and had this to say “DS was selling fantastically well, Nintendo saw an opportunity to make good money, from a business point of view it was necessary, but Nintendo shouldn’t have got greedy and continued to make their consoles affordable especially during this global financial crisis. I am sure the price  drop will ensure 3DS goes onwards and upwards!”

@NinDBFry wanted something more from the company. He wants Mother 1+2 and Mother 3 to be localised. We can dream! Will Davenport, however, stated that he wishes Nintendo had “Bought out the ambassador games before the price cut, or just given us eshop credit instead.”

@guyhodge came out of nowhere to gift us the finishing thought when he tweeted “3DS can only benefit from this price drop. Once more software rolls in, we’ll forget this hiccup ever happened”. Let’s hope so!

A big thanks to everyone who participated in this! It was a-lot of fun to read your responses and compile this post. I hope you will all continue to check our Twitter and Facebook for all the latest Nintendo Scene news!

6 Responses to “Your thoughts on the 3DS Ambassador Program”
  1. Raza ラザ says:

    No problem 🙂 awesome article


  2. 😀 Great article guys! Not heard much on the Pokémon R/S remake front, but that would make FR/LG remakes much more likely.

    I’m also not bothered about the price cut because I got Club Nintendo shirt 1051 ;D


  3. Steve T. says:

    This is a good idea for an article and could see the site doing more like it the future. Just double-checked what I knew already- my Ambassador status. Going to hope for Pokemon but that is probably a long shot. This does beat blowing into my Nintendo over and over again to play Zelda or Mario.


  4. Ted_Kazynski says:

    The 10 NES games are the best four minutes I’ve had with my 3DS in weeks. These games suck ass, and they took longer to download (due to the ass backwards way of doing it) then to actually play and realize they suck. I’d have taken a $20-$40 rebate on a game instead. Face it people these games are over 20 years old and are hardly a joy to play. not to mention the far better homebrew emulators with rewind and fast forward buttons. Lets hope the GBA titles have a little more gas in the tank. Nintendo is riding the shit out of old out of date software.

    DK Jr is so slow, its painful to play.


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