Capcom London Fight Club – 20 Aug 11 – Report

Capcom Fight Clubs have been happening for a while over in the United States.  The last Capcom New York Fight Club on Thursday 18th August allowed fans to get to grips with the latest global builds of Street Fighter x Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Street Fighter 3 Online Edition with some legendary Cosplayers in attendance as iconic Marvel and Capcom characters.

But last night (Saturday 20th Aug 11) saw the first European Capcom Fight Club in London.  Leo Tan from Capcom confirms that 750 fans descended on KO Gym East in Bethnal Green to get their hands on Street Fighter  x Tekken.

Now before I continue to talk about the game or the event, I was there as a fan rather than press, so I queued with everyone else.  There are complaints online about how the event was run from people who turned up an hour or so before the event started and then didn’t get in until late.  The first fans turned up at before midday to ensure they were first in line.  I turned up at 16:00 and at the first count, I was 36th in line.  The queue began building up properly from 17:30 so if you arrived after this time you probably didn’t get in with the first wave.

The organisers came out to the queue at 17:00 and began issuing two wristbands to the first 100 attendees to reward them for turning up early.  This guaranteed them entry with the first 100, a t-shirt and would allow them to stay in the event when the first wave got kicked out after a few hours.

Now remember, this was a completely free event.  Free entry.   Free food.   Free beer and soft drinks.  A free preview of the game.  Free entertainment.  This wasn’t going to just be handed to you because you turned up, you had to earn it, and those turning up early earned it.  Yes the event hall wasn’t massive and there were only ten (corrected) machines playing Street Fighter x Tekken, with another ten (corrected) on the other side running Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter Third Strike, but this was never going to be an event to the scale of Eurogamer with free entry.  It was also the first UK event, give the guys a break.  Now the pull of these games in London has been noted we will hopefully see bigger events at subsequent tours.

It saddens me to hear fans complaining that they only got a couple of games after queuing for ages when that’s all you could really expect and yes some people were staying on games, but if you asked them to move they would.  I witnessed this several times and each time the players apologised and freed handed over the controllers after finishing their game.

The free pizzas did go pretty quick, and I would suggest for future events probably have someone handing out pizza rather than having them placed on a table for attendees to help themselves, but the free bar was flowing all night.  I don’t know how many of the guests came from London, but a free bar in London is incredible and the pizzas were from dominos.

Yoshinori Ono, who attended the UK’s first Streetpass event run by Nintendo Scene was on hand to sign items and talk to fans.  Everyone should know what a legend this man is, not just for his creative ability, but for his dedication to the fans.  Before the event started, he toured the queue, starting from the back and then once the event opened, he paused from signing only to do an interview, the rest of the time he was at his table, posing for photos and answering questions.

London dance crew One Motion were on site to provide entertainment with their break dancing skills to the sounds of the live DJ who played all night.

Unfortunately the London Fight Club didn’t get to preview Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 like our American cousins but the presence of Street Fighter x Tekken was enough to fill the gym three times over.

Street Fighter x Tekken uses the 2D Street Fighter engine and visuals and the same graphical style as those in Street Fighter IV.  It looks amazing and the characters and movement are fantastic.  I enjoyed seeing the Tekken characters rendered in the Street Fighter style.  The stages are awesome and  several times I unintentionally stopped watching the fights to watch what was going on in the background, obviously not when I was playing.  The game itself is very fast and responsive and the version on offer featured twenty-two of the currently announced twenty-six characters.

The sheer calibre of players at the event meant that some fights were pretty short and with the large amount of people across the ten (corrected) machines playing SFxT I didn’t get to play much, but I did watch a lot of games and enjoyed the several matches I did play.  It will be interesting to see fans reactions once both Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter are released and which play style receives the most praise.

With Super Street Fighter IV already out for the 3DS and Tekken Prime 3DS on the way, hopefully in the future Nintendo will see Marvel, Capcom, Tekken incarnations on its systems.

I got 33 streetpass hits and picked up some very hard Street Fighter 3DS streetpass battles.

Were you at the event?  What did you think of the event and Street Fighter x Tekken?

More events are scheduled to happen across the UK, more details as we get them.

6 Responses to “Capcom London Fight Club – 20 Aug 11 – Report”
  1. Raza ラザ says:

    Im happy i got my Arcade Stick signed along with my copy of Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3) didnt get to play anything people where hogging the games 😦


  2. rockmanjoey says:

    I thought the event was good, I was in the queue for 3 hours but the wait was worth it. It was free entry so I can’t complain about the event. Only got to play SFxT three times but it gave me a good glimpse of the game. It looked fantastic and I got my copies of SSFIV AE and SSFIV PS3 signed on the sleeves and disc.

    It was crowded but free refreshments was good. I would have chosen a bigger location but as you said yourself, it’s the first time they’ve done an event like this in the UK so I give Capcom the thumbs up for giving us a glimpse at SFXT


    • Wow Ono San was busy with you. I meet him at the first StreetPass event in London and got my SSFIV3D cart signed by him. It all looks to have been an awesome event.


  3. Doktor says:

    There were 5 rigs in each room, that’s 10 you doughnut. You can count them in your photos lol. I was staffing the venue and you were right though most people were quite civilised, other than some complete tossers, who refused to get off and others who tried stealing controllers, games, prizes and all sorts. Good night, i feel they’ves alot to learn though. I think more consoles, more security and more food!!!! The pizza went so damn quick!!!


    • Seems the event was way more popular than Capcom thought it would be. Looks to have been a pretty exclusive event. Perhaps with hindsight they should have had more restrictions on who could’ve attended.


  4. ben says:

    it was awesome to be there i loved ever minute of it but when are all the pic going to be added from the night they said about that they was going to add then on to the Facebook page


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