New Universal Nintendo Points Card

Judging by the picture above, I guess Nintendo has settled for a more streamlined approach to their digital download services by opting for one mega-points card instead of 4 different points cards (Wii Shop, DSi Shop, Wii Shop + DSi Shop and 3DS eShop).

This picture was taken in an unknown Australian store – shared through Twitter by Daniel Vuckovic, the frontman of popular Australian Nintendo-centric site Vooks.

EB Games has clarified that the card will work for all 3 systems, but for only one. Older Nintendo Points cards are of course incompatible with the 3DS eShop.

It is unknown if the card will be available in other regions.

3 Responses to “New Universal Nintendo Points Card”
  1. WesWes says:

    These look good, hope we get them in the UK too. More interestingly though, any ideas when we will be able to exchange our Club Nintendo stars for 3Shop vouchers?


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