E-Shop USA- week of Aug. 18th

On Thursday the Nintendo 3DS e-shop was once again updated,  and so following is a run-through of all the latest additions. Nintendo has another contestant in the 3D Classics division and new material for the Nintendo Video channel as well. Urban Champion is the newest game to get the “3D facelift” and it actually looks like one of their better attempts at turning 2D into 3D. I never had a chance to play this game in the past and it looks like a game I would have enjoyed as a kid. It looks like Double Dragon meets Hogan’s Alley. Double Dragon in the fighting sense and Hogan’s Alley in the character design as well as the building design and layout. By the way, Hogan’s Alley deserves a remake either on the Wii/Wii-U or 3D classics. It would fit perfectly with the Wii because of the light gun could easily be replaced by the Wii-mote.

Now for the commercial portion of the e-Shop update this week, the Nintendo video 3D music video section and movie previews. The newest available video stars Jason Derulo and Like Ace Ventura said when he saw the poster of Ray Finkle on the Miami Dolphins, “That. Who the hell is that?” I understand what Nintendo is trying to do, they are just showing off the capabilities of the system. If that’s the case, why not show more College Humor videos. I’m really enjoying them and I’m actually getting sick of the infomercial-type videos for movies, like the Smurfs, or music videos from singers I don’t know.  Here is the full list of games and videos available this week on the e-shop channel. Enjoy!

  • Jason Derulo, “It Girl” – Nintendo Video
  • Urban Champion – 3D Classics
  • Flight Control – Wiiware
  • Zoonies:Escape From Makatu – DSiware
  • Build-A-Lot – DSiware
  • Blockado:Puzzle Island – DSiware
  • UYUYUI – Nintendo Video
  • Duel – Nintendo Video

I’ve seen the picture of Duel on the Nintendo web site and it looks like it’s gonna be funny, looks like a Minotaur is going to fight a businessman.

For more information on these games as well as images that better represent them, click on this link.

Check back at the site for the next 3DS e-shop additions!

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