IGN UK 100th Podcast Party – Report

Tonight IGN UK celebrated the filming of their 100th Podcast in style by throwing an exclusive party to a guest list of 150.  Nintendo Scene were offered a portion of these much sought after guest list places which we filled with our staff and a selection of our readers.

The event took place in London’s famous 100 Club on Oxford Street and was free to those invited.  Guest were given free drinks (I also managed to secure a free cupcake), the first 100 guests received a free limited edition IGNUK 100th Podcast t-shirt by Insert Coin Clothing and during the recording of the live podcast prizes were given away to guests who asked the best questions.

A prize was also given to the first person to grab all of the IGNUK’s Miis on their 3DS.  I slacked in this department and only managed to obtain four of the seven on offer, but the streetpasser who won was treated to three 3DS games and a t-shirt.

Entertainment either side of the live podcast recording was provided by the awesome guys at Nintendisco, who have an event coming up in September.  Check out our upcoming events preview for more details.

But by far the most exciting aspect of the night for the Nintendo Scene team who were in attendance, was the huge amount of unreleased 3DS games available to try.

The games were:

  • Star Fox 64
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Mario 3D Land
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Kid Icarus
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Metal Gear Solid – Snake Eater

Three of these games were available to many for the first time and all these games will be covered in Wes’ upcoming article, along with our collective opinions and what is available in the demos.

A huge thank you from Stuart, Wes, Neil and myself from Nintendo Scene goes to IGNUK for giving us the opportunity to attend ourselves and invite our readers.

Thank you to Insert Coin Clothing for the wonderful t-shirts.

Thank you to Nintendo for proving a huge selection of games for us to try.

Thank you to NintenDisco for the entertainment and being the gentlemen they are.

Both Sarah (who was interviewed in my London Anime Con report after raising money for Help for Heroes in the Cosplay Auction) and Colette (from Lunch PR who also writes blogs for the Official Nintendo Magazine) looked lovely and were a pleasure to talk about gaming.  They both left far too early though.

Nate (who won the London Anime Con Mario Kart tournament) was in attendance to terrorise the Nintendo girls and give his expert opinion of the games on offer.  He is always awesome to discuss gaming with.

I also caught up with regular site readers Lew, Mark K and Raza.  Raza who I know from previous Streetpass events, but Lew and Mark it was nice to finally put a face to the tweets.

I hope all of our guests had a great time.

Keep an eye on Nintendo Scene for our 3DS preview gaming round up and on IGN UK for the release of the 100th Podcast on Friday and listen at the end for the Nintendo Scene team cheering when IGN UK give us a shout out.

2 Responses to “IGN UK 100th Podcast Party – Report”
  1. Raza ラザ says:

    Always a pleasure to meet you Stealthbuda Nintendoscene for inviting me 🙂


    • Hey, it was cool to see you there (well at least in the line). I am glad we could offer this to the sites followers, especially those that have been with us for time and attended some of our most significant events. Till next time.


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