Get Up and Dance Wii – Hands On

Get Up And Dance is developed by Gusto Games, published by O-Games and is in direct competition with the Wii’s long running Just Dance series.  I got a hands-on with the Wii version of Get Up and Dance and something strange happened to me, I enjoyed it.

Now, I’m an open minded gamer. I’ll pretty much play and enjoy anything, I just like gaming.  Those who know me and my views on gaming know I range games in different levels of epicness.  If I hate something it’s usually some unplayable nonsense or a football game but I’m pretty much open to try anything.  So I thought, Get Up and Dance, it’s physical, it requires hand-eye coordination and some agility skills, how different from ninja’ing could it be?

I have of course seen people cutting shapes on the dance arcade machines and I’d heard of dance games on the Wii and other motion sensing consoles, but I’d never really looked in to dance games myself.

The first thing that got me about Get Up and Dance was its simplicity, not in the actual game, but in its operation, which for someone like me, strips away any intimidation factor on being out of my element and makes it easy for season dance gamers to get straight in on the action.

On starting the game you are presented with icons each directing the player towards one of the four available game types.

The four core game modes are:

Get Up and Dance – Single player action

Get up and Party – Multiplayer games for up to two teams of four in games of Party Mix, Last Man Standing and Tug of War

Get Up and Dance Group – Which can be played with up to four players as a dance group going through ten rounds of auditions and gigs

Shape Up – A dance fitness tracker that allows you to follow a fitness plan and track your progress

I’ll be honest because I’m a fairly honest guy, but I scored abysmally at the several dances I tried, I did well in some parts, but they didn’t add up enough to average my score out to anything other than disappointing.  But for a first effort, I was fairly happy.

The other thing that I noticed about the preview of Get Up and Dance that I saw, was the mix of songs.  I smiled several times as I passed tracks I remember growing up with, side by side with modern hits.

On looking at comparisons of the upcoming Just Dance 3 videos, the first thing I notice is that Just Dance is just about the on-screen action, whereas Get Up and Dance has the music video playing just behind the dancing figures you’re supposed to be following.  This appeals to me more; I liked to see that my dance moves weren’t in vain, I was able to glimpse what I’m striving for in dance perfection, one day, with enough practice it could be like dancing in front of a mirror.

And if that feature isn’t enough to entice you, it’s got a lower RRP than Just Dance 3.  But ultimately I think that the emerging track lists will be the decider for a lot of gamers.

A review will surely follow, but I think having tasted it, my ninja shrine could be settling disputes with Get Up and Dance this Christmas.

Get Up and Dance is released on 4th November 2011 for Wii™ and PlayStation® Move for PlayStation®3.

One Response to “Get Up and Dance Wii – Hands On”
  1. Great report and good to hear it from someone not normally accustomed to such games. And you are right it is all about the track list at the end of the day.


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