Beyond the Labyrinth Trailer and Translation

A trailer for upcoming Konami/Tri-Ace Nintendo 3DS game Beyond the Labyrinth has been released. The trailer introduces the as-yet unnamed female protagonist and shows some teasing gameplay footage. Watch the trailer below, and see my translation underneath.

[G=girl, T=text]

G: Hello?

T: Is someone calling?

G: Is there anyone there?

T: As I thought – someone’s calling.

G: Well then, let’s get going.

T: Where to?

G: Let’s go!

T: But… where to?

G: It looks like we can go through here…

T: Yes…where to?

G: It might be tough going, but we have no choice but to go on.

T: Yes, that’s important.

G: Look – look! There’s a path above us.

T: Shall we go on, then?

G: Let’s head out.

Let’s go!

[A magnificent world extending underground]

G: For a glimmering future!

[In the labyrinth, a mysterious girl]

[This adventure is littered with mysteries]

G: It’s shaking!

T: Shall we go…together?

G: It’s okay if I’m the captain, right?

It’s hard to tell as yet, but I want to say that you play as an unseen character who follows the girl through the Labyrinth. This is just my guess, based on this trailer.

We’ll keep you posted with more news when it becomes available.

One Response to “Beyond the Labyrinth Trailer and Translation”
  1. ktx8 says:

    Still really interested in this one, hope Konami decides to bring it over 😀


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