Skyward Sword Limited Edition Bundle

North American Zelda fans rejoice! As today it has been revealed by Nintendo of America that a limited edition bundle of the new The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game will be available from the 20th November. In the bundle you will receive a special gold coloured Wii remote with Motion Plus as well as a limited edition soundtrack of the music performed at the upcoming Zelda Symphony concerts later this year. But all this will come at a cost, as the price set for the bundle is $69.99, where as the standard game on its own will be retailed at $49.99.

Nintendo of America have also stated that the special edition gold Zelda Wii Remote with Motion Plus will not be available for sale separately. However, the Zelda Symphony soundtrack will be given as a special gift to every customer who buys Skyward Sword, whether you opt for the limited edition bundle or not.

So which bundle are you adding to your wish list? For me it would have to be the gold Wii Remote Plus deal – it looks smashing!

Not up to date with all the recent Zelda news? Catch up via our recent articles section down below and let us know whether you will be pre-ordering the game!

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6 Responses to “Skyward Sword Limited Edition Bundle”
  1. nintymadden says:

    Wow.. Looks amazing!


  2. Steve T. says:

    Gotta get the Gold Wii-mote. Been waiting for this news for some time.


  3. Some don’t like their being white buttons. I’m pretty much cool with it. But what about a gold nunchuck?


  4. Wes says:

    the artwork and the wii remote plus look very nice. i have two motion plus adapters and three standard wii remotes already, but i am SO tempted to pre-order to get this remote too…


    • Steve T. says:

      nothing wrong with getting another. I have one Motionplus and you can always use another one. Also I’m a sucker for game music and that’s just another bonus.


  5. BOUGHT.

    Mostly because I don’t have Wii Motion Plus yet and I heard that Skyward Sword kinda needs it :p


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