Whatever Happened To……

I was at work today and I had some time to kill so I started thinking, and of course my mind goes to Nintendo cause that’s just the kind of guy I am. So I start thinking about Nintendo related material and I get to things that have gone away from the Mario games. Things that have made an appearance and really haven’t been used in a long time if ever again. Lets start with the Ghost House. The Ghost House was a big deal in Super Mario World and the likes of which haven’t really been attempted again. Nintendo came close with the Boo Mario levels in Galaxy but they haven’t tried to make that haunted house feeling, with the exception of Luigi’s mansion. The Ghost House had everything. It had Boos who were stinking their tongues out at you, they had special exits that led to special paths, mostly to the Star Road. Nintendo always puts Easter Eggs into their games with the thought process of the gamer finding them. The secret exits in the Ghost Homes (Doesn’t sound right to me in Mario Context) were just another one of those great secrets that you didn’t know you found until the world map went another direction. Also gone but not forgotten is the main way to fly in Super Mario World and that’s the feather/cape combo. The Cape replaced the Leaf from Mario 3 and the leaf is just now getting a revival in Super Mario 3D Land. The cape was a good idea for the time because it was just what Mario needed, a cape to show his Super side. As for flight, everyone knows that people who fly have to have a cape, end of story.

Looking over this piece, one could tell that it is being told in reverse. Started with Super Mario World and now Super Mario 3. Super Mario 3 has been considered by many, myself included, as the best Mario game. Hell, even Fred Savage loves Mario 3. I know that reference takes some time but hey these things happen when one has time to kill. Mario 3 has some of the most innovative power ups that should make a return at some point such as the Frog and Hammer Brothers suit as well as Kuribo’s Shoe, which didn’t have much of a showing in Mario 3 but has a big fan base. Who doesn’t like being able to crush stuff with a giant boot, I know I do! King Koopa’s kids could have been in this if it hadn’t been for New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Wonder where they were hiding for all that time and why didn’t they age? Item storage was another cool game mechanic that was just used again in Super Mario Bros. Wii. You can thank Mario 3 for that. With Mario 3D Land going into the history books for gameplay, one would like to think that more than the Tanooki suit gets brought back. Mario buffs alike would love to see old school power-ups get brought back for a new generation to see. Can someone say Rabbit Mario comeback from Super Mario Land 2? That would be interesting to see in 3D at some point of the 3DS’s lifespan.

Now for the part of the story that I know you just can’t wait for, the E-Shop report. Nothing says E-shop update like the Blue Men Group. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, either stick to college humor videos or don’t show them. I guess the Blue Men, which I don’t mind, are better than commercials or music videos for some guy people have never heard of. As for the headliner this week, that spot belongs to a game called Gargoyle’s Guest, a Game Boy platforming game that from the pictures on Nintendo’s site, make the game look pretty good. Concept of “guy rises up to destroy the evil power” is the focal point of this game. That line is the basis behind every movie ever made. Enjoy the downloadable goodness and on a serious note, to all the US readers that will be affected by Hurricane Irene, be safe, and stay safe. Being in New Jersey, I will be feeling your pain. Stay indoors and play some great Nintendo games, like Mario Sports Mix. I never lose at online Hockey!

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