Professor Layton’s New Game Features Bonus RPG

The Professor’s fourth instalment, Professor Layton And The Spectre’s Call, will feature a bonus RPG called London Life in both Europe and North America, despite rumours that it was a North American exclusive.

London Life has been co-developed by Brownie Brown, who are also responsible for the upcoming 3DS game Fantasy Life (a game that is very high up on my 3DS wish list!).

Bonus RPG – London Life

Although the game is known in Europe and Australia as The Spectre’s Call, it is being released under the name ‘The Last Specter’ in North America. While it is the fourth game to be released in the series, it is chronologically the first game in the franchise. It will also be the biggest game in the series so far, with over 170 puzzles – and that’s before you get started on the bonus 100 hour long RPG London Life.

Note: Take a look at the screenshots of London Life at the bottom of this article, you may notice a great similarity to the first version Brownie Brown created of Fantasy Life – prior to its 3DS conversion.

If you head on over to the game’s teaser site, you will find the following:

170+ brand new puzzles!

Unravel the events surrounding how Layton and his young protégé Luke first met, in this thrilling prequel to Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

  • Every puzzle unlocks a new secret in Layton’s biggest case yet!
  • Save the town of Misthallery from adangerous spectre, summoned by a peculiar flute
  • Featuring all-new minigames
  • Solve baffling conundrums to crack the case

Remember that the first Layton game, The Curious Village, only had 120 puzzles, so with an additional 50 puzzles and London Life, Spectre’s Call is going to be well worth your hard earned cash!

Professor Layton and The Spectre’s Call will be released in November for the Nintendo DS. For all the latest updates on this title, keep checking back at Nintendo Scene!

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