Downloading Ambassador Games – What You Need to Know

As of the 1st of September, people who bought their 3DS’s early, and enrolled in the Ambassador Programme will be able to download a selection of their favourite NES games for free.

It’s emerged that downloading the games won’t be as simple as logging on the e-shop, selecting your game and clicking download. Fear not, as Nintendo have published a step-by-step guide here

It turns out you have to ‘redownload’ the games from the ‘Account Activity’ section of the e-shop. Put simply, Nintendo is marking each of the free games as something we have already downloaded (even though we actually haven’t). That way you are free to download them as the e-shop thinks you have already purchased the item in the past.

Nothing too complicated then, just a slightly different approach to normal.

The site also includes info on the Ambassador Certificate download…

“The Ambassador Certificate is a downloadable video available to Ambassadors starting on Sept. 1. Once available, you will need to download the video, just as you would any Ambassador game in the Nintendo eShop.

By tapping the receive button on the Touch Screen when viewing this video, Ambassadors will receive updates regarding the Ambassador Program, such as when new titles are available to download. As soon as details for the 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console titles are available, we will send an update to those who have opted in using the Ambassador Certificate.

Ambassadors will be able to download 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console titles for free before the end of the year.”

I’m looking forward to finally getting my hands on some early NES games! Zelda, Zelda II, Mario Bros and Metroid are on the top of my list. Whats everyone else looking forward to?

2 Responses to “Downloading Ambassador Games – What You Need to Know”
  1. Steve T. says:

    Looking forward to getting these games for free. Now I won’t have to kill myself blowing into the NES carts to get them to work. Zelda and Mario, good times


  2. This was nice to wake up to at 5am! 😀 Had a go on Mario Bros and will endeavour to complete Legend of Zelda as soon as possible. If I can complete it in about 2 weeks then I MIGHT try and play Adventures of Link, Links Awakening and Link to the Past prior to Skyward Sword’s release.


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