New 3DS Horror Game: Shinrei Camera

The geniuses at Tecmo Koei responsible for the terrifying Fatal Frame series (known as Project Zero in Europe and Australia), first seen on the PS2, are collaborating with Nintendo to make a new 3DS horror game, which will utilise the 3DS’ AR card reader functionality.

Shinrei Camera (which translates as ‘Spirit Camera’) will come with an AR notebook, which will reveal hidden messages, clues and the odd scary surprise when used with the 3DS’ in-game AR reader.

When speaking to Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, Fatal Frame producer and co-developer Keisuke Kikuchi said the following:

“I wasn’t all that interested in AR to start with, but as I explored the possibilities I really started to get into it. The result is this style of horror that does away with the boundaries between natural and the supernatural. Compared to previous Fatal Frame titles, though, there isn’t as much actual time spent with the game itself, because you’ll also be spending time turning pages on the AR notebook and looking around in real life instead of moving your character around within the game.”

Nintendo will be publishing Shinrei Camera in Japan, but no word yet on a Japanese release date or if it will make it to Europe or the US.

Are you prepared for a truly terrifying 3DS horror game? Get yourself acquainted with the series by trying out Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly on the PS2 – and buy yourself a new pair of pants while you’re at it.

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One Response to “New 3DS Horror Game: Shinrei Camera”
  1. Dave says:

    Oh boy,.. This is freaking be already.


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