New Professor Layton Does NOT feature London Life RPG

Contrary to previous news, the Official Nintendo Magazine has confirmed that the upcoming Professor Layton and The Spectre’s Call (EU release version) will not feature the 100 hour bonus RPG London Life.

London Life was included with the Japan version of the new Layton game, and will also be in the US version, however Nintendo UK has stated that they currently have no plans to add London Life to the European versions of the game.

Disappointed? We certainly are. Neither Nintendo UK or Level-5 have provided a reason for why London Life will not be brought out in the EU, so feel free to let them know we still want it here! You never know, there’s still three months until the release of Spectre’s Call, which is long enough to make them change their minds (again!).

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4 Responses to “New Professor Layton Does NOT feature London Life RPG”
  1. Artus says:

    Well, with no reason either, I’ll pass on this one ! Or just buy the US release ! F…ck’em !!


  2. This is a ridiculous and lazy excuse, the reason they’re most likely doing it is for the number of languages an EU based game has to be translated in to and the amount of work that would in turn equate to for a 100 hour RPG on top of the standard game.

    I’d bet they’ll make an excuse along the lines of “Well we wanted to get the game to the players sooner rather than later, and the London Life RPG would have hindered this.”

    Well yeah, it would have, but that gives you no excuse to just cut 100 hours out of a game, it’s part of the game. They had better make this available as a free download via the Nintendo store a month or so after the initial game, cause if they think I’m buying another Layton game after it they’ve seriously kidding themselves.

    They’ll probably remove the cut-scenes from the next one and it’ll just be a cart of lackluster puzzles…


  3. jonezjea says:

    A wild guess is something that the release dates proof. The game needs to release on the same day and apperently it needs to be translated into French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spaninsh and maybe some other I am forgetting.

    Anyways, I heard romours that they will be adding it to the 3DS game for Europe


  4. kieron says:

    i manly wanted to play this game for the london life i really looked forward to that but now i hear its not on the europe version ill ethier buy the us version or they should ethier make a new game which is just london life (not including professor layton and the last spectre/spectres call) and i no it doesn’t sound great from most people or go for another option which is to download it from the nintendo store…


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