Studios Bound To Take Over The Nintendo eShop

I was a very heavy supporter of the DSiWare digital download service around the time when the DSi launched in North America back in April 2009. I’ve noticed the stand-outs, the stinkers and the underrated content that has been released so for the service.

So I thought… I was probably the best guy to tell which studio could take advantage of the Nintendo eShop platform, which hasn’t exactly seen so much original 3DSWare content as yet.

I’ve drafted the 5 best choices and explained their past success with DSiWare, as well as any possible expectations for future content.

1. WayForward Technologies

When looking for nothing but the best, you need to have WayForward in mind. They came out as the champions of DSiWare, releasing three killer titles: Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Milky Way and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. WayForward was definitely the standout, making DSiWare a platform to keep notice of.

They’re already getting to business with the third title in the Mighty series of games, Mighty Switch Force, hitting the eShop next year.

2. Nnooo

Looking at DSiWare from a resourceful point of view, Nnooo wasted no time in taking advantage of what the DSi did and did not offer.

The myLifeCollected applications, consisting of the myNotebook collection, myDiary and myPostcards all offered DSi owners with something worth coming back to each day: jotting down notes in their myNotebook/myDiary or using the DSi Camera to make postcards for others.

Of course, Nnooo started off with a surefire hit, Pop+ Solo, and are looking to wrap up their stint with the dual versions of their next DSiWare romp, Spirit Hunters Inc. Light & Shadow.

As to what Nnooo could offer to the eShop, one can hope for a version of their next WiiWare game, EscapeVektor.

3. Odenis Studio

Odenis is a studio I’ve kept an eye on for some time. When Pop Island landed on the DSiWare service, I just had to have it. It was colorful, fun, engaging and offered a true multiplayer experience in the extended DSiWare library. Following up with the inexpensive sequel/expansion Pop Island: Paperfield and a sequel to one of their critically-acclaimed games, Glory Days: Tactical Defense, they have made a lasting impact.

it’s best to wish for Odenis Studio’s Pop Island critters to make a jump into 3D very soon.

4. Gameloft

They’ve made many games (mostly ports) available for the DSiWare service: Asphalt 4, Soul of Darkness, Legends of Exidia, Ferrari GT Evolution and so on.

They’ve already handed the eShop their first third-party 3DSWare game in the form of Let’s Golf 3D, so what next could they offer? Or better yet, what wouldn’t be offered to the eShop?

Love them or hate them, they offer firm support of these smaller platforms and the eShop will need whatever provisions Gameloft will bring with them.

5. Nintendo Second-Parties

Of course, it’s their own platform right?

We’ve had Skip pump out the Art Style games, Intelligent Systems with Aura-Aura Climber, Q-Games with X-Scape and much more. Nintendo will no doubt keep the eShop afloat with their own IPs and the second parties can continue to shine on.

Personally I hope some DSiWare games get eShop sequels, especially X-Scape.

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